The User Interface

I’ve changed my mind (3 times) and let me say i didn’t like it at first but now i do. but can we change the color scheme of it? if not, it would be nice to


Since they only recently redid the whole interface, it will surely take some time before they even consider to change it again.
I have no problem with the Interface. I mean in the end we will have Oort technology and the interface will fit quite good.


I love the interface and think it fits perfectly with the game. I dont see a windows resemblance at all :confused:

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I like the interface too. but i don’t like the “crafting menu” in special the switch between the UI elements (inventory and crafitng).


Yea that’s true. It might be not so bad if it would response better, but maybe that’s just my problem^^

yep, that’s true. it feels a bit laggy … but furthermore i would like too align them side by side for a better overview


Or just a key so if you needed to have them side by side you could hold the key (or toggle it) so you had it while you need it.


yeaah… i was stupid. its really nice. ill make sure i wont make threads before taking at least 2 looks at something --’ my bad it looks really nice


Hey, in my day, all we had for a user interface was a pad of yellow paper with green lines through it, and a blue ballpoint pen that skipped and ran dry halfway through the game.

[Cue “Four Yorkshiremen” sketch]

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You were lucky…

Holding down the SPACE BAR should hold the inventory and crafting containers side-by-side


I can understand why you would expect to be more tribal, ATM Boundless does give off a sort of tribal look, however i think ARK is a pretty great comparison in that aspect, it looks sort of tribal or prehistoric, but as you get further you see all of the technology which have been left by someone else and learn to develop your own, that is how Boundless seems to be atm.

TIL, thank you^^

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The new UI was built with a fair amount of foresight with regards to crafting machines and times, so hopefully as we progress with development some of the decisions we made will make more sense.


New game idea: drink every time I leak something on the forum.


we would all be dead

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Yea do you want to kill us???^^

Challenge accepted if you guys drink every time someone posts a crash/error without a logfile :wink:

@zeathoros & @KuroKuma I think with the 1, maybe 2 things @ben leaks once in a while this game won´t be too intense. :smile:


Since I don’t drink at all it would be heavy for me xD I don’t even have alcohol here xD

Drinks in game confirmed! Where’s mah beer?