The World Block Museum - Tauruscan & Alsuhaina on Display


Ord Trion has white sedimentary rock.


Ord Trian has the White and Cold Lime. The Vivid Lime was from Vandar. The white I am using on the museum…as when I started it Cold Berry was the closest there was to white. The 2 limes I just like the color and wanted to collect them for a build in the future (not sure what yet).


I’ll see if I can get some more of the white tonight, was hoarding most of what I could get of it but will see if I can get some that I can drop by. Had a couple hundred or so out for sale at .5c though last night. It is a shame that Ord Trian is a little trickier to rock mine on because of the landscape, or I’d get heaps more!


I went into one of the circles and just mined the inside out. Got TONS of white. Was easy climb to the top dig down in the middle and start hollowing it out to the bottom.


Updated for the warm moss color also. It was on Vandar but it is also on Lamblis (different rock but same color).


If you drop down on one of the flat rock areas with standing water at the lava level, you can break rock and the lava will just replenish it.


Nice trick, thanks! :slight_smile:


New Exo planet Zeta now on dislpay in the Museum! Come take a look at all the black materials.

Also Zeta Atlas on sale at the TNT Superstore for 300c


So its that time again…Gador XIII-A is on display at the Museum.


That had to take serious time, I am excited to visit.


It’s free and open to the public! :joy:


New planets are on display. Yeah I know Mande is…well we won’t go there…BUT Ropagitta & Milaerega are here also! Those planets were actually kind of great. So come by and have a look at those 2…and…yeah…I guess…look at that other one.


New Exo Cilpara I on display.


Wow! Absolutely an amazing structure…beautiful job! :star_struck:


The next Exo Tarat is on display. Very hard planet to move around on.


So I finally finished giving the Museum supports to hold it up. No longer do have I to depend on magic!
With the help of @Aanika today this was finished.

Stop by and take a look before farming hits and you won’t have time because you have to harvest.


That is really stunning, I love that building so much! :heart_eyes:


Love the new addition! You both did a good job!


Here is the new planet:

Slightly green…


One of my favorite builds to date! Sooo good