The World Block Museum - Tauruscan & Alsuhaina on Display


Mallass also on display


I do love seeing those pillars. The place is soo amazing I actually had to show the old man this weekend.


I really love your museum :slight_smile: I was wondering, im sure you have a lot in stock also, do you happen to have a shop somewhere selling exo-stuff?


Shoot @Aanika or Kaosmstress1 a message. Or pm me and I can invite you to our server and you can ask questions there… Etc.
Have a nice day


Who would think, 2 more Exo’s to explore? Here are the blocks if you wish to take a look.


For your viewing pleasure I present 2 new Exo planets - Wynthey & Zeta Sagitta


We really hit the jackpot with this set of exos, IMO - the bright bolds of Zeta Sagitta and the useful neutrals of Wynthel.


So due to the Farming Update, 4000 new Exo Planets and a touch of Laziness (OK perhaps more than a touch) I was behind on displaying all the new worlds. I have corrected that situation now. The following planets are now on display:

Decos VIII and
New Broo


I’m halfway there now…just saying…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Watching you pound through those exos release after release was brutal. I couldn’t do that. You are a machine. And now that you have the annex the space is available to keep this up for a while.

Thanks Mox!

PS watching you go after block colors that are already existing (just to get the block from the actual planet it comes from) is also extremely satisfying.


If there’s any way I can help, let me know, as I do plan on cataloguing stuff from exos in the wiki, eventually. You’re not the only one that’s been struck by busy with a side of lazy. :wink:


Here are the last 2 weeks of Exo planets.


I might have missed some blocks from the Red planets…not sure. If I have, and any you have spare ones of the ones I missed, I will buy them for 200c. Would like 4 each but a minimum of 2.


Seeing this museum, I’m still sad that the Atlas is wiped after the planet leaves.
It’d be such a nice thing to have on display in the exhibit, so you can see the planet itself for the memories. :disappointed:


I admit being sad that plants etc are not represented here, but I get it. BLOCK museum.


Togome also on display




Revised…found the Ancient Wood

Another one…

2 More to view…Tauruscan & Alsuhaina