The World Block Museum

I have been waiting impatiently for weeks to officially announce this one…

Anyone who has visited New Nixia may have noticed a build of epic proportions up on the hill overlooking the settlement.

This amazing mega structure is not just a work of art thats well worth having a look at, it is also one of the most useful public resources in the game…

Brough to you by the one and only explorer/builder extraordinaire @XxymoxX, (with a little help from the rest of the TNT crew, except me) the World Block Museum meticulously catergorises every planet in the game, showcasing all of the natural blocks found on each.

Personally I dont think he’s human, this amount of detail and hard work simply isnt possible by mere mortals… but I sure love that he’s chosen our little planet to share some of his intergalactic wisdom.

So swing on by and check out the museum and find the right materials to suit whatever it is you feel like building.

Rumor has it there may even be a resource shop included in the near future. Probably a good idea to watch this space.

Visit exclusively via TNT Megahub… which you can find pretty much everywhere.


I wanted to make a museum too when I returned to the game after it “released”, but I did not persevere and probably wouldn’t have had enough plots for it back then anyway. :slight_smile:

Not exactly how I might style it, but very well done sticking to it and being dedicated; will visit it at some point soon. :face_with_monocle:


Oh wow, great work! :slight_smile: I love that building so much, it really is beautiful!


My first thought when i saw the screenshots “No. Effing. Way!”

This is insane!!! Haha love it!! AMAZING work!!!


Gucci. Torille

Haha. I watched it being built, and have seen it every day for the last month, and i still stop and stare in awe everytime i go near it.


Wow, amazing build and so useful!
This will save me a good amount of time. No more sanctum testing with color number lookups to see how blocks are looking ingame.

From now on I can simply go like this:

  • Check resource spreadsheet for available color
  • Go to museum to check out favorites ingame

Thank you for creating this!


Truly impressive work.


:open_mouth: (10 char li


Dan is alive. Hooray


That looks insane! I can’t wait to check it out!


Woooooowww. Yes, yes and yes. Great effort, great contribution. Instant Boundless legend.


Legend… not rly . lets wait half year.
Anyone can do this. Sustaining it is a different story.

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Its a showcase (hence museum), blocks arent for sale… yet.

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you have very nice construction in TNT… I really like your safe door too


Thanks!.. Theres some pretty cool plans for that one too. Hopefully that’ll be the next big announcement. :wink:

Looks awesome I’ll definitely stop by soon!

@XxymoxX became an official aficionado off the forum today
and this is awesome and approved
cant wait to visit


While I would like to agree about the title…thank you but I’ll leave the Legend status, for now, up to people like @the-moebius :smiley:.

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As Rodney would say…“Can’t get no respect”. I have been around since 2014 when it was still Oort Online, before it was on Steam. :roll_eyes: Legend might be a stretch though. I’ll just say Boundless Large Collector. :grinning:

You are correct though…sustaining is another thing. 3-4 Exo planets every other week will fill the place up fast. Will have to start building more Annex’s.:sweat: