The Xylan Council - Now Recruiting! Official Guild Thread ***

Hello all! I, Zevaryian, am a councilor for the Xylan Council, representing the Xylo Settlement! I am here to tell you more about our guild!

The Xylan Council is a guild dedicated to it’s members, new and veteran alike! Our goals are to provide all members with the most enjoyable experience here in Boundless as possible! We are a new guild, though we’re growing. We are for both PC players and PS4, so everyone is welcome! We do have a discord, which is necessary to have in order to join, as there we’ll be posting all plan, announcements, and organize the members.

We do value everyone’s time and opinion, both inside and out of this guild, and are looking to form as many alliances as possible! We want to try and keep the Boundless community as friendly and troll free as much as we can, but setting an example amongst the players to show respect and courtesy to everyone we meet!

If you’re interested in joining, please feel free to message me on here, the Boundless forums, or on discord!
We wish everyone good luck in all their endeavors, so have fun!

Discord link:
Sorry the discord is temporarily down.


I’m interested im joining. Brand new to the game. Do you have any other requirments other than having discord?

When you go to the discord, go to the application channel under the general selection, and fill out a few answers:

1 - What is your goal in the game?
2 - Why would you like to join?
3 - What kind of character “class” are you/do you plan on?
4 - Can you abide by guild rules?
5 - And lastly, are you a robot? XD

The Discord invite is expired. Can you post another?

Sorry, temporarily down.