Thee Tower - Noxramus (Raxxa) - IN works


About almost near 2 weeks into the game I think. ( dont know if this means im boasting for letting you know I have no life)

Haven’t found a MMO a couple years I enjoyed, and never played minecraft game, so this find is very interesting to me.
Can check it out via warps, from Ultima hub to Order of Oortian hub to Noxramus sign. (its on Raxxa -650N -1300E

I’m working on it alone.

Eventually it should be x4+ the height though I’m working floor by floor with basic materials, And have just started working with refined materials and decorative recipes, so much will have to be redone for what’s been done.

youtube channel: mostly progress every couple days, kinda dull videos: latest one I think I run through most of the tower to show it.

latest one’s a bit behind i plowed through more plots underneath the tower I’m dedicating to crafting (No idea if this setup is “right” but stuffs being made)

And plowed out an area underneath I’ll have as a shop and link it up to malls eventually.

Sadly from a distance it looks like a skyscrapper than a “Wizard Tower” which I’m aiming for, Ill have to make outline the “Huge Rectangle” and make it look archaic-like at some point.

screenshot of the under-world area I just started, crafting area of it

edit none of the recent youtube videos show anything actually, i’m uploading a new one, also fixed bandicam for recording to Youtube HD mode, was on some very bad default.


Good. Now go get Coils so you can do the real deal :slight_smile:


Just a heads up, there’s something called a “mesh limit” which means you can only put so many functional blocks in a “chunk” which is basically a pre-defined 2 plot by 2 plot area.

The current limit is 512 i believe and this includes many decorative items, like poles, beams, doors, torches, machines, spark links, and, sadly, storage blocks.

If you’re playing on a PC there are tools to help you identify chunks, but putting an entire base into a smallish tower (area wise) can be very challenging. I’m really putting this here because I know several people (myself included) that have had to change their plans later on during a build due to not being aware of this beforehand.


Rooms are pretty big, I kinda just built while learning the game then started changing stuff , you can check the video one of the floors is pretty packed with blocks lol. - I think Bandicam does not like this game the quality’s coming out awful

edit; if youre talking about crafting stuff im extending underground beyond the dimensions of the tower, underground the top earth level, its all flat where im at, literally clone hills and paths on the same level, most annoying place to navigate through. One day I’ll have to claim it with plots since No bodies gonna bother playing there : |

edit2: im giving away too much info about my plans, reasoning to close it off from public soon (Moat drop to water and no doors).