Thematic Settlements and Random people

In the middle our lake, pretty much ruining our entire idea we had for this area (we got over 2K plots in this area already).

As for what I can see he put this up, then left pretty much to leave this here for the next month or so. (if its just basic fuel that is)

So the idea of having a thematic settlement is really just something one should throw out the window, if you somehoe missed plotting a certain area ? :confused:


I’m sorry to hear this happened to you.
This kind of thing is exactly why i wait for a long time to start my builds so that i have enough plots to reserve the floor plan…

But building right over the water though tucked in to the only unclaimed spot?
I would almost consider that griefing.


same I wait until I can reserve my building area and my view before building. Otherwise other players have the right to build there. Best to just reset your expectations and move forward =D


Yep … across the water - I claimed parts of the water so he couldn’t go any further, he literally put this tallest part of his building at the closest he could get to the other side he could get - where as there was a single plot of ground on the other side from which he started from - with a trail of a single block leaves out into there.

Check this out:

it’s even chiseled!

lol wth…
Got no idea if I’m allowed to say the character name in here, so I refrained from doing so, but hoooooly… this is frustrating…

No, please don’t name and shame


Yeah thought as much :slight_smile:

This will be detailed in the upcoming code of conduct


I know the feeling. I had a guy put up a shop in a little area within my zone that I didn’t have plotted. I’ve been waiting to see him, [redacted by mod], to see if I can negotiate a withdrawal, but haven’t been able to locate him. I’ve now blocked it in, so he has no way to refuel (hopefully it’s basic fuel and he isn’t a club member. I’d prefer to handle it all friendly like, but doesn’t look like it’s gonna be possible.

hopefully you’re luckier than I am. GL

If a couple of plots ruin your 2k plot plan you should have chosen your reserved plots better. The reality is going into release this “problem” is going to get more widespread. I’d say the best approach is to just accept that its going to happen and move on. Also just because you don’t like a build doesn’t mean that the builder intended it to be bad, maybe they are placeholder blocks or maybe they like it the way it is.


There’s going to be rules about building near existing settlements?

EDIT: I misunderstood this quote.


I was referring to name and shame

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Yeah - problem is if they are gleam club members as well, then it’ll just never expire.

@Cakengrad - Normally it wouldn’t be a problem, this here was more of an oversight on my part really than anything else, but its due to the size of a project im doing and I am currently a tidy bit unsure as to how big the range is going to be when I get to the top of the build of it.

I was well aware that this here might end up becoming a problem, but wish there were better ways to control certain aspects of a settlement tbh.

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I think, when we get the option to rent our own planets I’ll prob just make it a private thing on the building rules until I get to a point from which I feel like I can open or something.

Leave a sign up and ask to meet up and talk about plot issues. (make the sign pretty obvious and be nice about it) Or ask them to add you to discord/steam and chat that way.

I have done this before with people and had it lead to decent results - from managing multiple settlements running into each other, to just basic plot disputes.

Many in this community will find a way to work together. There really is enough space for all of us.


Thanks good idea - I will do this, I just really do hope he’ll come back and not just decided to plot this, put something up and leave.

This sounds like griefing to me, blocking off someone’s plots because you don’t like what they’ve built or where they’ve built it is a jerk thing to do.


The good news is if he is not a Gleam Club member he likely only have 4 weeks of fuel. Beacons start smoking 7 days before going away. So you could time taking over the plots.

Obviously sometimes it is just better to move too… I moved like 5 times so far in this game just to get away from people or to challenge myself with new builds.

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It could be but we have a lot of land grabs by people because they want to have everything they can for 1.0.