Themed Creative Worlds Master Thread

I’m not much of an organizer so this topic is more of a suggestion to anyone who likes making threads :expressionless: though if this catches on I can edit the post and make it the master…

We should have a thread to collect ideas people have for mega themed creative worlds that they want others to join. Anyone can create their idea in its own thread then post the thread in the master for easy reference. This way if someone wants to be a part of a (ex.) Coruscant project but doesn’t necessarily want to start it, they can look and see there already is one.

There could be a basic list for posts outlining things like:

  • The theme
  • How strictly it will stay on-theme
  • Time frame
  • Max builders if creator has a preference
  • Other requirements of the creator (builder experience etc)

This is a raw idea so if anyone has suggestions or would like to take the reins and create a new post, go right ahead!