Therka Market Crime Rate


The crime rate in Therka market is out of control. I was attacked by a spitter, high on ink plant, trying to hit me up for oort. i’d like to see some foot patrols in the area.


Purchase your own Copper Slingbow and register it with the local law enforcement office and you won’t have that problem.

I’d be more worried about all those illegal Slingbow owners that don’t have a conceal and carry permit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just remember… Slingbows don’t kill people. People kill people.


Okay…this made me laugh.


hire wildstock - it’s mostly doing nothing but overfeeding themselves; a patrol of a stout wildofficer and regular policestock here and there should be able to control those spitter junkies

better act before Therka turns into some kind of a gangland


The solution to our spitter problem is clearly more spitters. Every shopper that passes through Therka Market should be carrying a spitter and any shop owners in the area should also be armed with a spitter. We’ll also train “defense” spitters and station them at every major shop.

Am I doin’ it right?


Look, the real solution is, just bring in a bunch of hunters, cuttletrunks, and Titans to the city. Those spitters won’t stand a chance! … hmm, maybe the townsfolk won’t either … didn’t think of that


Easy access to Spitters the main reason behind fatal accidents, violence and crime. Especially vulnerable are children and youth.
To reduce Spitter related violence among Oortlings, three strategies are key:
1. Reducing Oortlings’ unsupervised exposure to Spitters.
Research indicates that educational efforts aimed at persuading Oortlings to stay away from Spitters or behave responsibly around them are of limited effectiveness. Therefore, parents must protect their Oortlings from unsupervised exposure to Spitters through careful parental monitoring and, if they choose to keep Spitters in the home, by storing Spitters locked, unloaded, and separate from ammunition.
2. Changing the design of Spitters.
Studies indicate that requiring product safety features on Spitters could reduce unintentional shootings among Oortlings. In addition, emerging technologies that would enable manufacturers to personalize Spitters could prevent unauthorized users like teenagers or thieves from operating the weapons.
3. Limiting the flow of illegal Spitters to Oortlings.
In one national study of maleOortlings, 50% of respondents reported that obtaining a Spitter would be “little” or “no” trouble—even though Boundless Federal Law bans most minors from possessing weapons. Federal and
state laws regarding Spitters sales should be tightened so that fewer weapons are accessible to youth.


This oppression has gone on for too long! Sure, some may call me a spitter-nut, but where I live everyone has at least a couple of spitters. We grew up with spitters, they weren’t something strange.

sure you read in the news about some crazy oortling getting his hands on one and causing chaos. But this would never happen if the general population were armed! You say assault-spitter, i say automated democracy!

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You don’t fight Spitter with Spitter!
It’s madness!
No to global access to Spitters!


Just hit Therka Market with a wave of level 4 meteors and let the Oort sort it out when they get to the Sanctaury. Blast it to frameless glass.


This baseless violence must be stopped.


I can be your personal body guard for less than 100 coins an hour.


I’m selling illegal ammo upgrades with special tips for armor piercing. I smuggled them in from a distant moon. I have this female Oortianite that rocks my world and I get good deals on ammo.

All sales final no refunds. Get caught, I never heard of you.


Okay, i think you guys in Therka market need some protection. Then you can hire some protection form Portal seekers! you guys know we are the best! it might hurt your wallet but you won’t have any problems anymore!


Will work for food! But really, I don’t want to craft it and no one is selling it yet.


I’ll try and get my bar and grill up this week. I dont even know what i need for mats.


I am not saying escalating the violence with bombs will help but bombs should always be an option.


There are very few personal problems that cannot be solved through a suitable application of high explosives.

Scott Adams

I agree.