Think I may make a bunch of these


Just not sure how much to price them at. Can get this pretty reliably as far as I can tell.
What’s everyone’s thoughts?


No offense but you look like you be competing with moonies lol but it looks okay for a mid tier hammer that gets the job done. Look at moonies prices for hammers like that


Lol none taken. This isn’t my first forge nor the best however the first with the new system and making some decent entry level tools for those that can’t afford and arm and an oort for a gem tool lolololol


I don’t really know pricing but I’d probably buy a couple of those.


I made some fake titanium slingbows, they go at 1k each, from a quick estimate your results should be with about 30% more compounds.


Problem i have with forged iron tools is that the forge materials are worth more than the tool itself. Can go as high as 2 stacks of iron tools if you go crazy even.


agree, which is why i did it on bows… even on t3’s where beginners really need iron slings to survive the cuttles, that extra damage per shot translates into a much larger fraction due to armor of mobs


I agree but I also see a need where entry level players need decent bridging gear and my hammer is just that.
3x3 with damage 7 and it was 2 hitting t5 blocks and 3 on t6. It’s not great but that could mean the difference for a newer or stuck player breaking beyond the so called gem wall