Thinking about changing gleam color on sovereign


Thinking about changing the gleam color on my daughter’s soverien world Phyusion Frusty. Just wondering what colors everyone would like to be able to gather? Current color is Ashen Taupe. The rock and trees are also different shades of Taupe.

Dark green


Nice! I’ll give It a day or 2 to see who all responds and what colors are thrown out there. And then I’ll let everyone know what I decide on. By the way, green is my favorite color lol. Not all greens, but most greens

I don’t particularly need it right now, but nobody appears to have Cold Viridian. It’s an almost-white light with a slight green-blue tint. I bought what I needed, but wouldn’t mind stocking up an inventory or so in case I need more.


Stale Moss?



All of the colors sound really nice. It’s gonna be hard to choose lol. Some colors are locked from being able to choose them, (which I’m not sure which ones). But in a couple of days, I will change. And I’ll post here to let everyone know which color was chosen. Thank you all for helping. It’s easier than trying to decide on my own.

After I’ve given it a couple of days for people to respond, I may write all the colors down, put them in a hat, then let my husband draw one out. Just a thought

Or may use a color that has been chosen the most. Not totally sure yet

Sorry about the delay, been busy as a bee in real life. As long as nothing comes up today, I plan on getting onto my daughter’s account and changing the gleam color this evening. What color will it be? I still don’t know. Not sure about changing all of the other block color yet, because the colors I chose the last time, made the world turn out soooo pretty.

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I’m rescinding this suggestion, as it was chosen for Chromis I.

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I’m digging having (iirc) Rust Taupe marble backlit with ashen taupe gleam, it’s a warm shiny. Bright Sepia is my fave gleam color to see at night on a planet, it’s a super warm fuzzy. I don’t rememer if gleam comes in Bright Taupe or Luminous Taupe but they look great as wood/stone.

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A list of a few colors not on sovereigns according to Boundless Info Station:

Dark Violet
Strong Viridian
Stark Viridian
Vivid Lilac
Oxide Green

These are a few on the list just to name a few.


I love all the taupe colors. On my daughter’s world, the last time I picked colors, the gleam, wood and rock are all currently different shades of Taupe.

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Thank you, this is very helpful

I still have not changed the colors. Ashen Taupe is the current color of gleam. I did look through a few colors to see what the look like, but I just did put it back to ashen taupe for now.

I’m sorry if you were just on my world digging. I wasn’t thinking that you may be collecting here atm

I’ll definitely have to go there and collect some as I don’t think I have that color in my stock yet. Thank you for letting me know

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I’m at the TNT public gleam farm right now. There is rust taupe gleam on soverien Thrace. Luminous taupe on Vilanelle,

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Your all’s colors plus colors that my daughter and I liked got put in a hat, I let my husband draw one out. The winning color is Rust Taupe. I will change the color right before I get off game tonight. So for the rest of the day go get all of the Ashen Taupe gleam that you can while it lasts.

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Winning color in comments