Third Person View

I would like to suggest that an icon or some sort of indication that you can grapple or hook shot onto a objectin 3rd person view, I know the game is meant to be played in “first person” but I myself like to play 3rd person games, even in games like Minecraft I use 3rd person view, though rarely its still a nice feature to have and I could see myself using it even as a later feature it adds to the Boundless abilities you can do. Who wouldnt want to see their Oort swinging from tree to tree through the midst of an Oortian Jungle in some divert universe?

You can by pressing c i think :wink:

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Oh I didn’t know you could toggle the crosshair by going out of third person mode. /s

i thought he meant something else :smile:

I want to return to this question, because one of our streamer @Irrua complains about third person view is actually not playable. It’s not enough obvious for spectators what happening when you play at first person, but when you play at third person you don’t see your target because head of character is before it.

Dear @james, could you set an aim for Wonderstruck team to change position of the camera for third person view? It will be better if camera will be some righter or lefter over a shoulder of character.

And if it will be possible to change view scale like as personal and tactic modes are we will be thank you forever.


The game is currently only designed to be played in 1st person. We do want to add support for playing in 3rd person but this hasn’t been a priority. It could be something we look at after launch.