This is absolutely ridiculous

Now i know some might not like me here but this flagging nonsense needs to stop. One of my comments that I deleted two seconds after I posted it was flagged. So that means multiple people flagged something not because of the content but because it’s me. If some of you want to push people away from this community then congrats, you’re doing a good job.


One person flagging is sufficient to hide a post actually. Me and fireangel tested it.

So tempted to flag this…


Interesting, I’ve flagged things before and those comments stayed up. Even if it’s just one person it’s ridiculous, one person shouldn’t have the power to have a comment flagged and hidden.


I whole heartedly agree.

James has the power to agree or disagree with your flags and give your flags more (or less) power. So if he likes your flags you get more power, if he dislikes your flags you get less power. Some people have too much power IMO.

I think it should take at least 5 flags to hide something.


I’m not going to say that I wouldn’t be tempted as well if I didn’t post this.


Or maybe just remove flagging entirely. The moderators are already active enough at deleting and removing things.

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Best advice I can give is ignore it.

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If this is the case it shows a lot of favoritism which isn’t right, the only exception I could see for this is maybe mods and if they are flagging deleted post then they are clearly abusing their privileges and shouldn’t have the privilege of being a mod in the first place.

I have not flagged any posts today and I haven’t seen Stretch, so I doubt he has flagged anything today either. I didn’t even see the posts you are talking about - I’ve been chasing Gleambows today.

Feel free to ask a dev to verify this info.

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This is going to make me very unpopular again, but i really don’t understand why people get SO upset about getting flagged.

I’ve said this before and i’ll say it again: getting flagged ONLY means a person, or multiple persons, felt a post is worthy of having a dev check it out.

You’re not being censored. You’re not being muted, you’re not being banned. All thats happening is that your post is hidden.

Actually, it’s not even really being hidden. You can still see it. In fact, it’s probably more enticing to check what a flagged post says than a regular wall-of-text post. I’d wager your post will actually get read MORE than the average post.

I’ve gotteb flagged a few times and in hindsight, every single one was warranted. Mostly when i get too sucked into some idiotic argument and lose control. Doesn’t feel great, but the flags are warranted in all my cases.

I’m on these forums way too much. And the amount of cases where i have seen people getting flagged for no reason i can still count on the fingers of one hand.

There are times i disagree with a flag, sure. But a lot of the time people get flagged for emotional responses, or potentially inflametory (sp?) responses. I have yet to see a person being flagged multiple times without a reason.

I’d love to see examples of what people find unreasonable flagging. This is hard as obviously flags are temporary. But instead of people complaining about it, do something about it? Document your flags. Screenshot them. Because i’m not saying it’s not happening, but without any screenshots or other proof, there’s just emotions. And emotions are baaaaad arguments.

I cant speek for the flagged deleted post. I dont know the content of the post, so hard to say why it potentially got flagged. Plus, it could very well be that somebody flagged it before it became deleted for the person flagging. Not to mention that im very confused why you’d get upset over a post you deleted anyway?

I cant remember the last time i flagged anything. I rarely do, unless it is a very clear personal attack.


you’re making an assumption that I’m upset which isn’t the case, I’m completely baffled which isn’t the same as being upset.

I also ageee with the majority of what you said.

Can confirm. It’s like having a post with drama curtains unveiling the good stuff.


Lol, yeah! It immediately says: ‘this is gonna be a fun thread to read’


Not a very farfetched assumption when you use terminology like “absolutely ridiculous”, “flagging nonsense needs to stop” and “If some of you want to push people away from this community then congrats, you’re doing a good job”.
But let’s not get into semantics here. Especially because my post specifically refers to “people”, not you in particular. The amount of threads about this and the emotions involved, yes there are quite a few people upset about getting flagged.

If you agree with the majority of what i say, why make a post like this? Because my entire post argues against flagging being nonsense and flagging being ridiculous. I’m very confused.

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I do a lot of flagging and I’m not ashamed of it, whenever I feel like a post is off topic I do it, but I’ve noticed that some times it gets hidden instantly and others nothing happens so I doubt it is favoritism it maybe just maybe that those who feel like they get “censored” a lot it’s because they go off rails frequently.


Again you’re making an assumption about my tone which is impossible to do while reading text. There are many way you can take what I said, you just happen to chose the wrong one.

Then instead of being cryptic, tell me what i got wrong.

I did when I said I’m baffled by it and not upset. There’s nothing cryptic about that.

wanna know what else is absolutely ridiculous? fighting about something absolutely ridiculous on a post called absolutely ridiculous