This is what true dedication looks like

…Streaming Oort Online update :100: minutes after launch in placeholder orange box costume singing Oort Online songs with a guitar.

Thanks @Squidgy, made my day :smile:


A true hero. There will be songs written about him!

Where is he even streaming from?

That was a fun stream!

You know you can make custom titles to people on the forum right? Because i think this deserve a custom title.

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1 word… AWESOME

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well he already have the youtube award, while although we got th supernova we cannot use it as a title xD

No i mean the moderators of the forum can make custom titles to individual people. At one of my other forums we got people with titles like:

  • Bug hunting Machine (Seriously i think the guy found half the bugs from alpha 4 and forwards)
  • Official Radiant Fanboy
  • PicPic Conceptor

And last but not least

  • Title Worthy!
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