This truly is a sneak peek

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Haven’t really named my new project jet.

But this is what im working on.


Not a lot to see😁


If you Need a wrecking ball to get rid of massive amounts of Stone let me know.


… there isn’t a lot of stone/soils to get rid off ^^ massive amount of water but almost halfway done with removing that^^


im at point where I stugle to build roof -_-


Maybe i can come by and provide some ideas.


Ill be on a few hours. You can also use the PS hub to AntarVI and check the big building south of the hub. I am remodeling it but the small roofs on the pillars can be extended.


Yeah well. I need a huge roof. before i realized base got insanely big. Flat roof just wont doo


Know the problem^^ going bigger isn’t always easy. Try dividing the roof in sections or use different roofs to make one


Here is the small pillar roof

And an example of breaking it up in parts

Hoop it helps out you can also check the roof of my wonky tavern and the iron horse shoe but they are the same principle.


Example of those two


Either I have too keep going up or have to flex brain


First of all cool build.

Quick sketch.
Make part roof part flat balcony. If it makes sence.
Roof like a cross.


il figure somthing, for a balcony il have to remove lots of blocks and it didnt look well too.( been thinking of it ) . mean while will build around base somthing usualy pops up in head.


It’s the best thing to do.
If you don’t know do something else.


intrested in how hard I went in base building ? a have some screenshots should be laughable :smiley: mby can grab some idea lol


Love to see.
Only have 1 shot of my (in progress) remodeling of the central building a few months ago.

Lol didn’t make a lot of shots
And some of my new project early stages.

Not in the right order but its the same S-E corner.


Note its an erea of 47x47 plots.


I was it that build. I got lost xD


I know get confused to^^


attepmt 1.

Attepmt 2.

Attepmt 3.

And pretty much rebuilding some spaces around now

and all of that just to build base so that I would feel nice in it:joy: