This truly is a sneak peek

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Very cool. And the chisel work magnificent.
The combo of materials perrrrfect.

Love the shots and ideas are popping over here.
Might even use some^^


Yeah, I would like to see ppl going for good build rather than prestige.



I love this intensely. If you see me jumping around it in game it just means it has my meaningless seal of awesomeness!


When im building esthetics are my objective. But i also build practical. Keeping in mind that if i want to change things I don’t drop in empty holes^^ so i fill in unused air gaps with whatever i can miss (like a toothache).


lol. dodnt worry. it has been only 3 days since I started it. I have awesome ideas to build around


As a builder it isn’t meaningless when told. Feels good to hear every time.



I don’t even want to tell you how long it took me to make my boat on Flan… :sweat_smile:

I’d be interested in see how you build. Maybe I could learn some ergonomics for my builder too haha.


You’re right.

And, if I do visit, then it’s worth footfall too! :smiley:
I should start passing out housewarming gifts too :rofl:


<<— 2 months in game, don’t owns a portal :expressionless::joy:


…. I shouldn’t tell you how long it took me to open a portal either then…

A personal portal is nice though when exploring the known worlds. And for friend making :smiley:


Don’t get me started have to go hunt as i am Portal holder for my shops, TNT and one to meteor meet (because i have to hunt anyway).

But rather keep building.


I support that. I love TNT. If I wasn’t part of the Golden Fist, I would have pursued TNT. A ton of the people are just really cool.

As ya continue to build though keep dropping those peeks. Let’s make it a fun game of guess what’s happening haha.


^^ golden fist are ya^^

I am proud owner of the TTC (The Terra Collective) and can say i’m happy to work together with TNT as im main gate owner to antar. But that comes with responsibility to.
So if i have to hunt a few times more ill bite that bullet and ■■■■■■ on ^^ lol


Yep, I’m a proud Gold Fistian. A Fistitte? A Goldie? A card carrying Golden Fist Enthusiast?

I hear that too! It’s a small price to pay to keep up some good ol connections. Speaking of which… I probably need to go on a few hunts…


Normally 16utc @ meteor meet every day.