Thoughts on Chrysomint


I don’t know exactly how it’s implemented as I am a PS4 player, but a few thoughts:

1: For god’s sake, don’t release it simultaneously with the fractional coin prices. In order to price it at fair levels, we need to see how the market adjusts to fractional coin prices. For example, if you set it to pay 1c per rock, we’d never see rocks sold again to request baskets, since their value is probably more like 0.1c each, and the devs would never know the fractional coin values since they wouldn’t have the data. Another example, people pay 1c for both prime and regular meat. Obviously regular meat is worth less, but how much less? We need to see how fractional coin pricing plays out before fair chrysomint prices can be determined.
2. It should pay fractional coins for junk. Again, probably less than 0.1c per rock block, for example.
3. It should be expensive to craft - gems, rift, gold etc. Every single player shouldn’t have one on day 1, though they should be able to use their friends’ (see point 4)
4. It should be usable by any player unless locked, like door behavior. This would allow shopkeepers and hub owners to place them in public locations, encouraging farmers to still visit their neighborhood areas and run into people at the ol’ watering hole.


writing from phone

  1. some people complain they dont have 4k for a hammer.

  2. Some already have milions and after deflation will have even more

  3. There will always be some players who will complain

  4. I lived through many inflations where cooins amount multiplied sevral times and everything was fine


I categorically disagree with every point made here, and here is why:

Pricing is already designed to set to a fraction of current market value. You won’t see 1c returns on rock day one. And if market value for rock plummeted to .1c and the coin-can keeps paying out .1c, then whoopy, you get 100c per 1k rock for a day. Not a big deal, and a welcome stimulus check to the poorer hoarding players. The throwaway value will self adjust. Players who want to sell to rq baskets will always get better return on their sales, provided they are well stocked.

And why is it so often that players suggest that useful items be so prohibitively expensive, being made from the rarest late game materials? It literally only helps the richest players, and exploits poorer players. We already have people complaining that they are being “punished” because certain things are prohibitively expensive to solo players, and a hyper expensive coin bucket that spits out a few pennies at a time is only going to further distance the haves and the have-nots. It’s better for the entire community to have it be obtainable early-mid game at a reasonable price value that can pay it’s own cost in a relatively short time period. Even with access to a vast fortune of materials, I would never build the chrysominter if it had such a ridiculously expensive crafting recipe because I would never get a return on investment. Instead of being a money maker, it would be a money pit.

It would be irritating as heck if anyone could use peoples crysominter because you know they aren’t going to repair it, and they’re just gonna break it with their thousands of gravel or what ever is clogging their inventory, and it could be possible for people to swipe coin and grinding materials from the machine while other people are using it. Just give it the same access rules everything else in the game has, and let people allow access via advanced locks if they want, not by default.


This is exactly why I dont plan to make the coils. They seem way too expensive given they need compact exotic gem materials to craft, compared to the 40% increase in coin you get. Would need to earn like 100,000c worth of coin from the machine to get it back.

Given the only things the majority of people are gonna throw into this thing are junk items like rocksalt, rock, or gravel (among a few other similar items), thats gonna take forever to achieve.


I see coils being a thing for the upper crust individuals. Those who a) have the resources to build thencoils and b) will play long enough to recoup their investment made on the coils.

That said, I definitely disagree with the OP.
As far as I see it, the chrysominter is meant to be a coin generator for those incapable of generating footfall for themselves and not yet savvy enough to know/understand the portal networks.

I see it secondly aimed at those who would otherwise just throw away their items.

I’ve seen a lot of people lately trying to make this coin machine seem more than it is. The devs have still not out right said what they see this tool doing directly. If they would define its intended to use, it’d allow us to better know how to test it.

As it stands, I personally have just used it as as a garbage, no a recycling can! I take my unused mats and trade them in for a little bit of change. Mats I otherwise wouldn’t bother hauling around to sale because they pay so little. However putting a trash coin can down allows me to throw away unwanted mats and get a small fee as a return. I’ve said before a lot of people complain they get hardly if any footfall. Those who get barely any to none say it’s like 300-500coins a week. This recycling can I can see providing more coin return over a weeks time. Especially if refined/crafted items yield a bit more coin (still far less than what they sale for).

If this is done and balanced well then I see this being an exceptional change for the Boundless economy. More ways to earn coin means more coin to spend which means a more active market.


As a miner, I am not going to horde thousands of junk items just to get a handful of coin.

If I want to trash items I don’t need, I’ll throw it on the ground far from where I am standing and go about whatever it is I am doing. I’ve already done this during mining trips.

Also, I am doubting that the stuff a early to mid game player can obtain is going to be large enough in amount to really make use of the coin minter when all their getting is 100c here and there from absolute garbage stuff. That’s potentially hours of mining blocks that hold no actual value in game because they’re only used in a very limited number of crafting recipes; which none of them are in even an okay demand level.

So if this thing is just going to spit out rock bottom prices for the amount of time it took to acquire even 100c from junk items, then it’s not going to serve the purpose it was intended for to close the gap between early, mid, and late game players for coin wealth. It doesn’t smooth out the progression curve either.

The other issue is using lower end crafted items to stick in it and get coin from. Refined Rock really comes to mind but even then that posses a problem cause those that have those crafting table XP Farms setup still already have the means to expand it to incorporate Refineries so they can pump out that item to just mint into free coin. So they got XP and coin. Sticks are another thing that comes to mind for a crafted item.

I am not against new ways to inject coin into the economy, but I believe that this thing will either be a waste of time to use or it will break the game’s economy because of too much coin.

I already have an idea of what items I would mint to get coin too but I think I’ll wait until the thing goes live.


You’re looking at it from the view of an established player. Look at it from the view of a new player. I know at least 6 folks who plantobsale this along side their iron tools for newbies at 100-200c. That’s a few daily feats for a newbie and they can buy one. Now they buy this thing and throw things in to it to get coin because they haven’t yet figured out how portals work or they’re too scared to venture off to far because it’s scary/daunting leaving your world. Seen countless posts last few days of folks who have played for months but don’t often leave their home world or whatever world they have settled on.

This machine is going to give those types of people income to spend when they do venture out.

At the end of the day this is an item that some people, especially well established vets are just not going to have a need for unless they want to invest in the coils.

You’ve made other posts about wanting more recipes to use the mats we have boarded already. I don’t disagree with the premise behind your points at all. I still see this coin machine as a band aid fix for a few issues and it will hopefully be enough to tie us over on those issues while they work on other things in the meantime.

To do half of the things you and I want them to do they would probably need twice the team size and that’s just not realistic right now.


I wouldn’t say they need twice the team size. Probably three or four times as much time to get it done.

At least they did something and not absolutely nothing. I’ll take that at least.


Omg if this happens i am going to quit. If anything changes ever again im going to quit.

…sorry theres always one, just figured i would beat them to it lol😂


Haha, not gonna quit.

Honestly my main concern is I was hoping to start a shop selling cheap mats, but I worry that it will be hard to acquire things like gravel and prime meat if the chrysomint pays 0.5 coins each. I’m concerned that chrysomint is coming the same time as the fractional coin update. I think it would be wise to release fractional coins first, then wait a few weeks, then release chrysomint. The other points were just ideas to throw out there.


I really hope they remove the need to repair the minter. Repairing is just plain silly and annoying for the most part in this game. Just make the minter return less coin if it needs to be a sink. That said, it’s the same for all machines. I would rather machines be slightly less efficient and spanners be non-existent.


Consider this.

The devs have all the information for what people pay for every given item via shopstand and request basket, and the frequency of the exchanges.

Say Rock has twice the exchange as Stone, but for 18 rock you get 50 stone. Given Rock gets a .5c cost, you get 9 coins from enough to mass craft 50 stone. By default (assuming you wish them to have equal value) stone would then have a value of .18coin. But stone has half the exchange rate as Rock, so potentially (assuming you are wishing to vacuum up the excess stone from the market) you would actually give stone a .36 coin value each. Then you can “double your money” by making sure to convert to stone from rock first, this takes more time and costs more damage to your chrysomint as it has more things to convert in the end for more coin?

Anyway, that’s all hypothetical math and values. Bottom line, The devs are more likely to give items “low ball” numbers at the launch, and potentially tweak them up to match the adjusted market when appropriate (but don’t be surprised if some things do drop in value via the Chrysomint as well, markets are tricky things).


So many people are focused on the immediate payout of 100c. I just plan on tossing random stuff in the machine and whenever it hits 100c it will be a bonus, similar to my footfall if 100c-ish every month.

As for value concerns on lower end mats, this will average out and stabilize over time, preferably a short time.

The coils might end up being more of a status item versus anything useful. Depending on how my mining trips go, I may craft a full set just to have them as I like to collect everything.


The chrysomint is meant to go off of market prices. If you start selling those mats at .5c each when the crysomint eventually updates (don’t know the system, they didn’t release that info) my guess is the chrysominter would drop it down to .05c return.