Thoughts on the new Oort Online Community?

Thoughts on this new site? What do you like? What don’t you like? What would you like to see in the future?

Its awesome ben, you can always hit me up in case i can help with something in the forums :smile:

I like the new look, still really white though, I’m going blind. Is the an option to change my colors?

You bet. The site will automatically promote users who are active on the forums. So you (Mr @Zouls) will whiz through the promotions!!

Will try my best.

are you guys going to transfer the posts from the other forum, or should we do that manually? and are you going to switch this out with the other forum (the button still takes you to the old one)

We did look at migrating the old forum posts here - but the problem was that we’ve switched to a single sign on (often called SSO). This means that the forum uses the same credentials as Oort Online it self. So you have 1 username, 1 account, etc. All good. However the old forums had lots of posts by users who haven’t yet created an Oort Online account yet. So we didn’t really know how to migrate these posts. We looked at a range of migration strategies. But in the end simply decided it was best to start again - and users could manually migrate what was important.

We plan to make the old forums read only once we’re happy that this new forum is solid.

so you dont mind me starting to copy my older posts in here?

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Yes - please go a head.

Can’t get enough of the neat and clean design of the forums, and super easy to navigate and use! :smiley:



yep its an awesome design, evolve uses the same system

Ps. Awesome job on all the pink xD

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Speaking of the colors, there are some ads on Comedy Central that have stolen the Oort color scheme! This is a direct threat to Wonderstruck no doubt!

Definitely love the new look. One Question though… which forum should we post to now, this one or the steam one when we have questions, or does it not really matter.

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Very nice, checked out Discourse and I’m going to be tinkering with it a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love the ability to select a default view (IE, “Categories” instead of “Latest”), though :wink:

Nice, this is a lot cleaner and easier to use. I like the new look/features a lot more.
Also seems to be a bit more mobile friendly.

Thanks for the positive comments. I’ve decided that I’m going to take all of the credit instead of giving it to the folks who created Discourse (that powers this).

Joking obviously (mostly). It looks like a much better system than what we had before.

I love this forum software and a few of my other favorite communities use it.

Is the old forum going to be kept up? Because then linking to old discussion would make quite a lot more sense than starting to copy them bit by bit.

Also you should probably look at what it takes to get the rank “Regular” as in one of my other forums we ended up having people acquiring the rank just from participating in a forum game we had going in off-topic, and as the rank allows you to edit topic titles that is not optimal.

We will be retiring the old forum (aka: taking it out into the carpark and shooting it) at some point, so if there’s something you think is particularly interesting or helpful please copy it over here :grimacing:

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Ah yes i will take a look into that then