Tigg's Tunnels - let me know if you live near and use them

I need to take some time to re-ground and practice the skills that would easily let me build rather than shrink my oort resources. I depend on and frequently use the tier-jumping purple backbone of the tunnels – I stumbled into them very early and just adored the the sense of wonder they gave me before I had any sense of what planets were out there and barely made it back to them after a terrifying running from the first cuttletrunks I’d ever seen or heard of – along the US East tier jumps the T4s the AUS planets (where I opened my first shop and started feeling really cozy and home and got a little bit of an enthusiasm restart after Duskmoor fell). So basically I’ve been avoiding scaring people off using the tunnels in hopes I could build them into something that could help me get to where I could afford to run them, but skipping past the skills learned by people who can afford to run hubs of convenience just ain’t gonna work. You’ll still see me at them, preparing them for the day when I can get them all running in the lore-laden glory in my sandbox dreams, but the portals will be pretty much open coz I use them a lot or someone who love/uses them too props up watever part they want to keep open. There are local portals to resources (thank you people who connect farms to the tunnels! I use them a bunch, and most of my shopping is at shops with local portals to the Tunnels) and connections to a number of hubs or specific places I go often, I’ll be scrambling to keep those stops open but I’ll be using other people’s portals to get to many of the Tunnels stops until that awesome day when I’ve finally gg and can bring the Tunnels and the lore interpenetrated along the interplanetary garlands extending TIggersville throughout the Oortiverse.

CLear as muD? Awesome. As I said I use the purple spine and the tan and blue lines of the tunnels regularly so wish me luck keeping at least that much running. Much love to lovers of the Tunnels, they will not be going away, they just won’t have reliably open portals ouside the parts I need or someone who needs them helps me keep open.

Looking forward to the return of the Tunnels in full, bracing for the working on early-game skills I skipped over, hoping sending this message simplifies the lives of my game characters a lil.



I am happy to donate some personal oort shards. Can you share with us where your donation baskets are?

We are all in this universe together <3

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I spent my first 6 months using Tigg’s Tunnels. But I’ve sadly moved on to bigger networks. With my initial start on Raxxa, the remoteness of the tunnels is what drew me in. Now, that remoteness has made me use them less.
With sovereigns here, I think they won’t get used as much sadly. But I will stop by later to make a small donation. Perhaps 2-3 ss of shards?

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Oh I totally understand, Raxxa is way at the end of the Lime Line. I’ll use those shards to keep the Lime line connected to the Purple Line backbone as long as I can stretch them out, the accounting is easy b/c I keep the oort for each line at the far point of the line.

Thank you very very very much

They’re inside the stops, but I haven’t got shard baskets in all of them yet – let me know where you’re coming from?

The easy one to get to is the portal to it from the TNT hub on Circ, to the right of Balam(sp?) - that goes to a local portal around the stop, inside the glass safety cage is the interplanetary portals, and there’s request baskets for shard & whole oort there. thankyou!

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I originally used tiggs tunnels before i used tnt because it was very clear and i knew where i wanted to go! Then it closed down and i used tnt and portal seekers.

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I’m glad the design was a hit with folks, I loved them too. Finding anything in the donation baskets is a major squee and today enough came in to top off blue, pink, tan, purple, and lime lines, and a little way into green, gold, and orange. The simplicity makes some of the lines pretty long but the simplicity also makes any single hop or segment ready to go whenever there’s use for them. Most of them have Wul’s atlases for sale, Boori has them in a little crazy cat lady style tower where I stash a lot of gathery stuff and have some shop stands for gathery stuff, I like having a shelf with all the resources I’ve gathered at them, to gaze into the mystery of how the color-picker algorithm works. I have lots of gazing but little idea how the colors are picked, but they seem to compose a coherent pallette when arranged together on shelves.

Definitely a fan of the Tunnels! Also donate where possible, but we’re still getting established and AUS timed hunts are not super common. :frowning:

Back when we started, the larger hubs were very overwhelming, so we started using the Tunnels to explore nearby worlds. Since then, we’ve obviously started using PS and TNT as our main transit to most places (mainly because of them being less hops), but the Tunnels still get used quite a lot!

The primary value of the Tunnels, for me, is the fact that they’re in the middle of nowhere! If you look up the color sheet, find a planet you want to go to for some resource (particularly wood/leaves), and then jump there through TNT … you spend like an hour trying to find a way out of whatever giant build you arrive in the middle of. The Tunnels are great for popping out, finding what you need, and going home.

We’ve also started using them as our local transit in AUS, having our starter town on Lasaina connected, and now a portal on Boori to a sov (that might not be kept, still not final on colors, not sure really). Big cities and hubs have a place in the game, but there needs to be smaller options as well!


I love your windmill & giant woodvine & style in general btw, twice now I’ve forgotten I’ve already seen your place and on an impulse ran due north from the Compass hub (i love travelling over roads and/or familiar landscapes to get to places on a very familiar planet :slight_smile: ) until running straight into your build, it’s lovely!

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That and simply wandering (my approach to sandbox mmo tends to be find out how the game works by random this or that - i’m a little too scatterbrained to jump in and out of gamespace to look things up and still have a sense of being in the game) are the essence of the tunnels for me, I’m glad they work well for that. The original creator who helped the [lore I’m building up about the Tunnels meant to be picked up in small hints over time, esp as I build it into the stops] and designed the Tunnels was amazingly graceful and wise and still suprises me even in their absence when I encounter things I had no idea they built — like the absolutely fantastic laser slide towering over Kindred Bay (long may she live to thrill and delight!) – and the spots she picked for the Tunnels were truly ace. I rebuilt the Arie stop so that doesn’t have its creator’s location magic, but I’ve found nearly all the rest to be very well placed to be that little light in a field or whatever that feels great to run back to with an armful of gathered goodies.

ANyhoo, my train of thought is I dunno where now but I had happytoes when I read what you wrote that very familiar sense of the tunnely goodness :D. I’m pretty invested in the sprawling lore and gathery planet-focused aspect that built up in my head when I stumbled into taking on management of the Tunnels, which is why I’ll still be fawning over them and hatching plans whatever state the actual portal blocks are in. :smiley:

Thank you for using Tigg’s Tunnels!


Tigg’s Tunnels LIME line (Raxxa-Sorissi-Trior-Beckon-Maryx-Alder) will be up for at least another month.
Thank you heavenly person whoever you are <3


Lime and purple are the only lines that absolutely need to be up.

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