Till New city/ high tier hub sol Khalis

Sol Khalis

Now open but very much still under construction, I’m building solo so will have to bare with :sweat_smile: anyways I forgot to take screenshots as i should really be in bed right now but wanted to get the hub up, it’s under testing and may change slightly. There is an area being opened for shops and all high tier planets except delta as I forgot haha are now accessible within 5 jumps :grinning:

I am located on till
ACCESS thru ground floor hunt hive
And TNT Megabus first floor, right of witch’s brew
Sorry there aren’t any signs up yet
@orrian and anyone from TNT pls and thank you


Your welcome looking good over there. Shout if you need anything.

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Thank you and will do :slightly_smiling_face: city will get developed a little slower, going to set up some mines next and maybe 2 or 3 farms, Want to make sure everyone can get where and what they need first. Need to try and get connected to dk mall, iconic mall and ultima network, other hubs and malls I don’t know of are welcome to connect also but that’s more down the line.

You bet. We’ll get that named (if its not already). Is there anything specific you want?
Feel free to hop on and ask questions on our discord as well:

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maybe just hub in brackets just to make it a little clearer whats there, maybe lvl1 vol protection + required if that’s correct in case new players run through. Thanks very much dude :slightly_smiling_face: