TIME CHANGED 🐲 Twisted Dragon - Holween Hunt Tonight 1230 AM EST Until

TIME CHANGED TO NOT CONFLICT WITH @DJDancecraft HUNT to 1230AM right after theirs!
:dragon_face: Twisted Dragon :dragon_face: is hosting our first hunt tonight!

I will be leading the hunt and encourage all who can come to come. We know this is last minute but will be planning weekly hunts after this!

We will meet on our Guild Sovereign Dracones Mundi , you can get there via the TNT Mega Hub Sovereign Portals section to the right. Twisted Dragon is on our sign.

No bombing the monsters, bows and golden fists only please.

We will meet around 1230 AM EST and give people 15 to 20 minutes to show up and then we will be off!

Depending on attendance we have 2 planets to choose from Tier 4 and Tier 6.

I will post a link a little later to discord after we get a public hunt voice channel setup.

We hope to see you there and look forward to hunting with everyone!

:dragon_face: Twisted Dragon :dragon_face:

  • Tier 4
  • Tier 6

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There is no cutoff time specifically and we will take breaks every so often. We will stop when enough people have left the hunt to effect meteors levele.

just a bit of heads up: our hunt starts about 30 minutes before yours, so you might not get as many people as you anticipate. good luck though!

What time does your hunt end then? I’ll change the time easy! Please tell me

Oooo nice image

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just responded to your pm bud

There changed

Thank Bro you’ll like our website we are putting together too then. Http://twisteddragon.us

Very nice, yakshimesh

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@11Elvis11 and I are in our hub on Dracones Mundi. Looking forward to seeing everyone who attends!

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We are going to head out and hunt on Dracones Mundi at 1 am if you show up late just shout and someone can come get you

Hi. Where should i go if i wanna join… thanks…

Come to the TNT mega hub, go to the sovereign portals side and come through the Twisted dragon portal

Let us know and someone can come get you if you cant find it!

Okay… thanks… just getting some gear…


The hunt is still going on if anyone wants to join still. Level 4 meteors popping off. Shout when you get to the planet and one of us will come get you

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Nice hunt. Well worth it


2 and a half hour hunt and everyone walked away with lots of port and some trophies!

Thank you to @Primetime18, @FF7animefreak, @superman101, @captainrose101, @11Elvis11 and jokerfarm for coming it was a blast and look forward to the next hunt! Keep your eyes peeled another one coming after Halloween!


Thanks.i had fun hunting with you guys. Great planet to traverse. And great laugh on discord, what more does one need.


Thank you… it’s fun… 'Til next hunt… :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: