Timed Events and Boss Battles!

I have come up with, what I think at least, is a very exciting and fun public event/occurrence. What if, on certain higher tiered worlds, numerous portals or rifts would open up everywhere, leading to one, high level world. These worlds, however would not be a world to settle on.

COLLAPSING WORLDS: The idea of these worlds are simple. You get to the world through a rift, and have a limited time to mine exotic ores, and resources, before the worlds were destroyed with everything in them. These events can range from getting sucked into a black hole, or being flooded with lava. All in all: get in, get the exotic resources, get out.

CORRUPTED TITAN ARENA: From some of the devs 3D models for creatures, they had a corrupted shooter, with crystals and growing out of it. My idea would be to have a corrupted Titan in a special world that the Titan would completely destroy if you didn’t kill it first. This Titan would be a tier ten at the LEAST, and killing it requires teamwork and strategy.

So what about you guys? What kind of limited time events would you like to see in the game?


I think the devs talked about limited timed worlds in the past, I definitely see it as an interesting prospect.


Yeah they mentioned daily, weekly and monthly worlds, i am still deeply in love with the idea of daily worlds, so i would support that :slight_smile:

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temporal worlds would give new spaces to explore, conquer and utilize, so I’m totally in for them ^^

I also like the idea that special events (like Helloween, Chistmas, Oorts Birthday, …) can have such worlds in which you may find mats for special items. and if the event is over they go away and you just have the mats for later use that you have saved.

Temporal Worlds will really give the game the edge :wink:

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Would also allow the use for playercreated worlds where they might not have been used, i would love if you had a daily world that could be explored, imagine having a titan slaying team who will go to daily worlds to kill the titan after spending time looking at it.

also given the regen when we remove mats they seem to spawn somewhere else, which means that while the two worlds might have identical amounts of rare and normal materials, on an unexplored world the materials would be more on the side so to say, meaning you might find it closer to the surface

I’d love some kind of event where groups of enemies will attack a specific area, and all the players and top guilds work together to combat the threat. Like an army of smaller enemies or a group of Titans. :grin:


Invasions from other worlds!

a portal opens up in a random spot in a world, and all manner of odd and vicious creatures pour out. close the portal before your city is overrun!

or, you know, just defend your stuff until it closes on it’s own. maybe get some epic loot from the creatures as an incentive to fight them rather than just leave them alone.

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Rather than just letting them pour out constantly i think we should use the fact that we have portals in the game, imagine a random portal spawning and enemies pouring out, to stop them you need to get a group and enter the portal to destroy the heart of the enemy base so to say.

so have them be dungeons spawned at random locations with very good loot so people will rally up whenever they see it because it is too good to let go.


So rather than simply defend the breach, you would assault it?

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So you could defend and just let it keep spawning mobs or you could go and actually stop the mob spawning.

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