Titans' Destruction

Will the Titans be able to break/destroy blocks?

The creation of a crater could be used as a mechanic when fighting one, or used against you.

There are some titans that are described as capable of actually scooping up entire chunks of land/placed blocks to throw them at players, so I presume yes, they can break blocks too.


O A O must… keep… village… SAFE!

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This is why my guild will have military/fighting divisions.

oh really? can you link to that post? i think i missed it :smiley:

It’s on the main oortonline.com page.

where? i cant seem to find it :confused:

I can’t wait for a Titan to destroy @Ardos’s place. No offense, I just think it would be awesome lol :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s under the part of the Protectors.

only thing i can find is ‘‘Oogres carve out and throw entire blocks and destroy players or landscapes with their gigantic fists.’’ which is a protector and not a titan, is that what you meant?

Ok, got me on a technicality, but yes. :confused:

well its fair, i even forgot that was in there, so i have to agree, titans most likely will be able to do something like this, i also remember them talking on the last forums about when they spawn they would crawl up from the ground and leave a crater. kinda. so yeah they most likely will be able to destroy.

i personally hope they leave huge footprints when walking around xD


This would be cool. I just want to see one. x.x

I also like the idea of titans that deform the area and that you can build stuff to fight them. Like the devs said the Titans live in special biomes, so I don’t think that we have to fear about our beaconed buildings. But counterwise we should not be able to build beacons near or in those titan biomes.

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I think a surprise Titan attack or maybe a surprise wave of enemies on a beaconed area would be a really cool event to have.

You could always have someone ‘taunt’ the Titan away from your buildings.

Yeah, random events would be cool and I would love to have a Tarrrasque raiding on a world now and then ^^ … But there is the problem with the feeling of being safe in the beacons … There are 3 ways to handle that: …

  • Titans cannot deform stuff in beacons (which would be in the will of all people who like some safe zones (like me :wink: )
  • Titans can destroy stuff in beacons (which would be cool if people have to fight for their homes … but noone is online allways)
  • Titans can destroy stuff in beacons, but the regeneration which is normaly repairing the world outside of beacons will then repair the buildings after a while (which would also be a good mechanic for pvp fortress fights ^^)

I could live with the first or the last option :wink:

I like the last option.

I think an attack should only happen when the user is online with varying difficulties depending on how many people are inside at that time.

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yes, to have a formula for calculating when a titan may attack is a bit tricky ^^ … I think it would be good to have “normal” titans in their biomes like planned and “random” titans that hit on a world from while to while (may be once every houre on one of the worlds) and which then roams there til killed. May be such a titan has a marker so that people see him while in a radius of 1000 blocks. On this way more people will join a fight.

PS.: But we get a lot off topic by now ^^

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Wait, do Titans just appear and start attacking? I thought the idea was that the Titans were more like…sleeping protectors of the Oort Temples. They don’t leave their biome, and you have to bring the fight to them.

That’s where it goes off topic into a suggestion. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry hehe