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I post this message here because i never got a reply by sending an email to support several months ago.

I have the Boundless Deluxe Edition on steam and on PS4 , but i have never received the title offered on the forum as you can see.

I’d also like to share information about our sovereign planets but i can’t start a post in the right forum section.

I find it rather unfortunate because i’m an active player for a long time and one of the 3 directors of Sin City , Capital of Sochaltin I.

Very friendly , Ziif.

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That title is not available on forum.

Were you an early backer?

How is that title used anyway? Does it do anything?

I think if you start the post under another category, a mod can come move it for you. I don’t understand either.

So the title is just offered in the games? Members who have the similar title on the forum is not related to the one of the games?

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Yep i think do like this

Okay, that’s what I thought. It’s really misleading to put that as a thing you get for the purchase when it’s just a word added to a list in a fairly well hidden menu, but that’s not your fault :man_shrugging:

Yes in the delux pack it is only mentioned " exclusive title " so it is true that we can ask ourselves the question. it doesn’t matter, with luck maybe a nice modo will go through to give me a title … lol . Thank you for your answers!

@james, Could you set the Sovereign category and Creative category to anyone can post. I think it is not necessary to be locked behind some title.


@james or @Leahlemoncakes would need to add the forum title for you.
If you create a post in the creative category for your planet, I can move it where you need it and make it so that you can edit it, if you’d like.

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You think there are demands to be made to get it?

It is very nice of you to propose , i will probably post this in the next few hours.

What account you use also matters.

If you want forum titles to apply automatically based on game perks you have to be using your game account to browse/post on the forums.

I didn’t know this at the beginning, several weeks after I started playing the game I created a forum account to post. This means that none of my ‘earned’ titles would show automatically on my forum account, anyways.

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Titles are Broken there No :cookie: title (Q.Q)