[TNT] Beautiful Landscapes Photo Contest


The Nixian Trust is looking for the perfect location for a new build, and we need your help.

We are looking for THE most beautiful view on a T6 planet… not sure which one, so lets do all of them.

Hoping for an amazing scenic view that shows off the natural beauty of the planet.

We are offering a 10,000c prize for the best photo of each of the T6 planets (not exos)… so a total prize pool of 80,000c up for grabs.

  • Alcyon
  • Cardass
  • Galan
  • Houchus I
  • Kol Huroo
  • Malurialakrib
  • Norkyna
  • Sheru Tier

Simply post your best screenshot along with the coordinates, and if we choose yours for that planet, you win 10,000c. Simple!

You can enter as many times as you like.

Entries close at 10pm UTC Tuesday 21 May.

Good luck!


Great to see all the wonderful entries so far!

One more day to go.


I think I’m going to take a crack at this today. :slight_smile: There are some spots on Norkyna I’ve seen that are just so pretty, that is the one sort of jumping out at me. If I can get anything decent I’ll post!


Thank you! And… As they say in “Rat Race”… youre (already) winning because your closest to the door!


The trick with this one is not getting photobombed. Literally. Blasted Hoppers… :smile:


Ok, this one would probably require some terraforming to do anything big, so don’t feel obliged to use this if it is the only entry (I’m going to check other planets too in case I can find anything good), but I thought this spot is sure majestic. :slight_smile: Cords in the last shot. You’ve got nice trees, the lake, and some really big mountains around. Plus, amethyst hotspot here.


Wow. Yeah that’s gorgeous. Really good spot.


Decided to share this location.

EDIT: just noticed this:



Its ok, im kinda liking the mutliple pics actually… go nuts… so many cool places out there.

I deleted the 1 pic thing. Bring em on!


Im gonna extend this for another 48hrs in the hope we get a few more planets ticked off. Thanks for the entries so far!

Closing 10pm UTC tuesday 21 May


I’ll keep looking! :slight_smile: I did save one I am hesitant to enter - on Houchus I, a good place for a sky fortress. Big sapphire hotspot and a ton of white gleam. But while there is a huge 360 view, it isn’t the most picturesque out there. If it sounds intriguing though, I’ll post!


You may PM it to me or Uniek, thats fine… Note, we intend to build a small build there and would be happy to discuss it if the spot looks like it would work. (Specifically, we would not build there without you being ok on this instance). Otherwise, yeah, totally dont post if you want to build it. :yum:


Thanks! Oh, it’s ok, I was only hesitant to post publicly since I didn’t know if it was good enough to enter! I’m happy to share it on here. :slight_smile: I’ll go upload it here, but first, I did find another one to enter…

I haven’t spent much time on Galan, but came across this. I like the whole setting - has a desert SW canyons feel, and the whole thing with the layers with gleam is just cool.


Ok, here is the Houchus one! Like I said, not the absolute prettiest spot, but this might be good for something else if not what you had in mind, very useful mountaintop location.


I really like that 2nd shot actually… nice one!


Can you add in what planets people have entered? There were some really good shots but I’m horrible at seeing things right today for some reason.

I plan on going exploring tonight and hopefully finding something interesting!


Sorry I couldn’t find a good picture of Uranus. :crazy_face:


So far we have nork, acylon, galan and houchus… but the more the merrier!