TNT Creative 3d Statue Building Contest - Janus II - updated prizes

'Tis the season for building contests, and TNT has been wanting to do this one ever since our beloved Sheila was built: a creative statue building contest on Janus II.

There are a couple other building contests out there (e.g. Twisted Dragon (see here), Brown Town (see here) - our suggestion: do them all, triple the chances of winning!

Build a statue. :joy::woman_shrugging:

Location: Janus II - currently you can reach Janus II from: TNT Megahub, Ultima, HSE, GTG Sov. Hub and Devil’s Underworld. We hope to set up additional links over the next few days and we’ll update as we go. Please follow the portal to the Creative Building landing zone - the location has a bunch of biomes that will hopefully inspire.

There’s also a portal between the Brown Town and TNT Creative events so you can switch between your builds on each! :wink:


  • No pixel art - we want all pixel art going to our friends at Brown Town!
  • No plot limit within reason, but please keep a respectful distance from other builds. If your build is going to be ginormous, please don’t overshadow someone else! There’s plenty of planet to go around :slight_smile:
  • Nothing you wouldn’t want someone’s kid to see
  • Find somewhere in view of the landing area - let us know if you’d like to set up a portal!
  • We love small and beautiful as well as huge and imposing :heart:
  • Contest ends: 29 June 2021.
  • Judges will primarily focus on the statue itself, but feel free to decorate the immediate area as well if it enhances the build

Prizes (so far):

First place:
3 million coin
2 SS of rough oort
180 days GC
5 SS T6 diamond hammers

Second place:
1 million coin
2 SS of rough oort
90 days GC
3 SS T6 diamond hammers

Third Place
800,000 coin
1 SS of rough oort

The “Big and Impressive” prize: 500k
The “Small and Intricate” prize: 500k
“Best Boundless Build”: 500k

Spot prizes: 7x100k; 2SS T6 diamond hammers, other forged items


Awesome! Look forward to seeing the amazing creative talent from our Oortians!


Just finished polishing my forge. I’d say I will be throwing tools at people while they build but it’s creative so I can’t lol. But what I can do is give forged goodies to the creators of the builds that peak my interest :wink:


Sounds awesome! :heart:


Can’t wait to get something started here!! :smiley: :smiley:




I’ll be diverting some forging toward contestants as well. Perhaps a prize for everybody who builds something :crazy_face:

Have fun!


For those drawing to my attention, variously, to the fact that:

  • This is not TNT’s “3rd” statue building contest
  • Sheila was built before creative worlds dropped

thank you very much for your careful attention to my post and constructive feedback -.- :skull: :joy: (going for both emojis to cater to both millennials and gen z)


I call Eeyore! JK no more Winnie the Pooh statues for me, but I’m thinking I’m in for something historical :nerd_face:


Well here is your shot to do so.

I’m hoping we discover some undercover builders through this


So excited to see what the communities amazing builders can do!

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I read this as Underwater and not undercover. So now I hope we see a Gyarados built :sweat_smile:


I’ll be rejoining the game to build at Janus II

if i’m kicked off reapers i’ll be really mad

edit: I’m building it based off the myth of the creator

Maybe I’ll build a zedaph statue on top of the neighboring mountain for extra credit


Coords to my entry are 391N: -534E Alt 134.Enjoy Creator Valley


Excited to see all the great builds that will appear here. That’s alot of prizes!

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What’s that? :flushed:

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When the reaper becomes the reapee


Could I perhaps plot somewhere far away to figure out the scale of this… definitely impossible statue I can’t get out of my mind? The more my inner Obi Wan says “don’t try it”, the more my inner Anakin wants to front flip into this build.

But I know I can’t just wing it, especially considering there’s a feature at the top that will extend out pretty far so without knowing the scale I’d be risking not plotting enough initially and running out of room.

Looks like there are portals to use, so guessing can plot out far

Ok so unless I’m told not to I’ll plot something far away to start mocking it up. Wouldn’t mind if people saw it in progress but I don’t even want to enter the contest if it proves impossible.

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