TNT MEGAHUB: One Jump To Freedom




Or maybe this variation, since it eats meteors… :wink:


(I never did get over Weird Ed’s reaction to nuking his hamster - yeah, I did that, not my proudest moment - so hence my hesitation to kill pets in games :wink: )


Dude Maniac Mansion was boss.
Awesome game lol


Well, I didn’t have any revive augments, but if you look off to the right there, you’ll see that I did avenge this ghastly murder!

… I THINK that Stout Spitter was the culprit, anyways. It sure looked guilty; it had a bit of health missing!

Or perhaps I just killed Fred, who was wounded in a valiant attempt to defend his Oortian. :flushed:

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the old graphic adventures. I recently picked up Zojoi’s Shadowgate remake on the PS4 - unfortunately, spoiled myself by watching a lot of PC footage, and also, the controls aren’t too intuitive on the PS4. But the deaths are hilarious, and hey, isn’t that what matters? :rofl:


I forgot to fuel my portal yesterday, I’ll have to check it when I get home, may be closed… :expressionless:


No worries, thanks for the heads up.

Usually leave them for few days when one closes before chucking up a new token. Understand things get missed occasionally so there will always be a bit of grace period before we repurpose any. But thanks for letting us know!


Thanks for being so cool, you guys are great! :slight_smile: I finally figured out my own time in July I mentioned - I think mine will probably close for a bit around July 12-14th or so. I’ll put up a sign in my settlement so visitors know I’m out, no restocks that second week of July, but wanted to be sure you all had the right dates too!

… I’ll open ASAP when I return. Unless I die on the road of course. In that case, I leave all my Oortian belongings to whomever can get there quickest when my GC expires. :rofl:


Well hopefully it doesnt come to that… lets just stick with reserving your portal for now! Haha.


July you say. :thinking: good thing I have a small portal to your place. I will gladly scavenge your stuff upon your death. Sorry. That’s just the Reaper coming out of me.
Mwahahaha ha ha.


Hey, all I ask in return is you give me a nice headstone with an appropriately snarky epitaph in your new cemetery… :wink:

You’ll be waiting a bit after I expire for my GC to expire though!


Lol that can be arranged. I’ll set something up in anticipation of your pending death.


It just hit me. My epitaph should be-

I hope I dropped some good loot!

:wink: Seriously, I might even tell my family to put that there if they decide to bury me. I love the idea of a gamer walking by and seeing that. :rofl:


@bucfanpaka Ask and ye shall receive.


“Future” resting place makes it so much more creepy. Haha. True reapers style.


Bwahahahaha!! :rofl: Oh, that is perfect! I totally need to go sit in that and take a selfie sometime. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!! … I think. :wink:

Now I’ll need to return the favor… I have room for another headstone in mine, I’ll have to keep an eye out on here for any interesting reported deaths of yours!


Yeah I saw your graveyard. Pretty sweet. I really like you pool with the slide. Me and a friend were trying to jump off the tower into it.


Thanks!! :slight_smile: Appreciate it! Got a second, much bigger pool area with some neat stuff in the works now thanks to all the work of my friend Janna here! We’ll make an announcement on that one when we’ve got it done. I might expand the cemetery a bit too, as I think of more (hopefully) clever things to put on the tombs. :wink:


I think we saw the bigger pool. I try and run through the portals to give some foot fall. We bought your fossils and some gems too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::beers:


Thanks, much appreciated! :smiley:


Well, I got myself killed three times but couldn’t get the angle right to see the headstone - who knew dying could be such an art? - but this is still funny. Well worth the exp hit! At least IMO… I have quite a self-destructive sense of humor at times I think. :rofl: When there are more people around I’m totally doing this again and leaving my body here…