[TNT] Million Coin Drop Party - Prize Update


Times are wrong dude. Wrong days


Wait, what … ?

The UK is 3 days ahead of everyone else…? Why didn’t anyone tell me? I’m sat at work like a lemon and it’s supposed to be Saturday :laughing:


Whooooopps. Thought i fixed that…
Yeah, mine says Saturday and Sunday… Which is correct. Oh ■■■■ wait… I missed London! Yep, thats my bad


He isn’t…well that’s my hopes dashed then…

I really thought he was a magic unicorn :joy::joy::joy:


Oh he’s part unicorn too. I meant he’s not “just” a mythical creature. Its impossible to put an exact definition on his sparkliness.


Just finished making 30 max range loot sticks… take that trolls!


Soooooo is this black tie or can I wear my loincloth?


I guess that depends on how much you like forged rift bows…


Well in that case I’ll wear my fancy pink loincloth!



Give away items (not complete / sry for the crappy pics)

106 - T6 AOE Hammers (some have dur and speed, MOST do not)
8 - AOE Shovels
8 - AOE Speed Axes
2 - emerald grapples (400 rank / hunting)
2 - ruby grapples (400 rank / hunting)
7 - Diamond shotguns (mostly sawed-off, at least 1 crit)
3 - Emerald shotguns (all crit)
1 - Ruby Sniper (not 400 rank)
4 - Amethyst Snipers (not 400 rank)
6 - One of each gem 400 rank snipers (courtesy of ChaosMkr :wink:)
30 - Loot magnets (for those in need)
Next up, healing/cleanse/buff bombs

AND The Drop Pad Goodies:

3 - Forged Rift Grapples (courtesy of Naughty)
3 - Forged Rift SlingBows (courtesy of Naughty)
1 - Forged Blink SlingBows (courtesy of Naughty)
400 - Oort Shard (thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly” = bobbuilder, killianstormbringer, luna lynn, and satchel)
200 - Rough Oort (thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)
300 - Hopper Thermal Cores (thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)
25 - Refined Topaz (thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)
25 - Refined Sapphire (thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)
25 - Refined Diamond (thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)
25 - Refined Ruby (thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)
25 - Refined EMERALDS (thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)
1 - BA Rank 350 Blink Slingbow (pic below… and thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)
6 - Rank 290 Wayfarer’s Totems (pic below… and thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)

100 - ROUGH RIFT !!! (again many thanks to “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)

900 - Wildstock Eyes
17 - Road Runner Feathers (thanks to Thebroodmother for contributing!)
900 - Deco Marble (Oxide Azure)
900 - Spicy Beans
100 - Deco Topaz (thanks to Thebroodmother for contributing!)
5 - Deco Sapphire (thanks to Thebroodmother for contributing!)
15 - More Hopper Thermal Cores
43 - Advanced Coils (see pic and thanks to Thebroodmother for contributing!)
900 - Lanterns
4 - Raw Diamond Hammers
100 - Deco Blink
200 - Shimmering Orbs
168 - Pulsating Orbs
5 - Rough Blink (thanks to Thebroodmother for contributing!)
25 - Adrenal Glands (thanks to Thebroodmother for contributing!)
566 - Inky leaves
3600 - Fibrous Leaves
100 - ANOTHER 100 Rough Oort… Sheesh
1800 - Cobalt Fragments
1800 - Sulphur Fragments
900 - Ancient Vital Essence (thanks to Thebroodmother for contributing!)
1 - Bag of Diamond Bombs (200 per bag, no more, no less, thanks to Thebroodmother for contributing!)
14 - Corrosion Shielding Pies
14 - Toxin Shielding Pies
15 - Energizer Bunny Pies
11 - Invigorating Pies
10 - Persisting Pies
37 - Teaching Pies
57 - Shielding Rissotos (Plural ??)
1 - Critically Loaf
1 - Teaching Pudding (remember to eat yer pudding)
1 - Meat Pie
75 - Shielding Pies (for the post-party hunt)
900 - Titanium Bars
20 - Mega Fast Brews (Boundless crack, these’ll kill you)
900 - Bark
1800 - Ancient Tech Devices
3600 - Earthyams
1 - Partridge
1 - Pear Tree
And other contributors tossing things I cant even IMAGINE

Contest Prizes (these are in addition to everything else):

Biggest Guild Turnout - 1 WEEK MEGA BUFF (160,000c)
Lowest Toon Level - 20 Teaching pies
Funniest Comment - 10 Advanced WB Coils
Most deaths - forged Wayfarer with 250 total damage and AOE (its a nice loot stick)
Best Dressed - Rank 330 Rift Slingbow (courtesy of Naughty)
Best Sharer - Blink Slingbow
Most Energetic - Invigorating Pie
Community Choice - Rank 340 Rift Grapple! (courtesy of Naughty)
Possible Hunt Prize…

Drop Pad Goodies:


Youre a mad man.


The hammers alone are worth 1 million c. All up id say weve cleared 1.8ish mil in giveaways.

9pm UTC Saturday 13 July… youre not going to want to miss this!


Those earthyams, I’m in.

So, I’m in MST, which is actually the same as PDT and an hour off from MDT which the mountain time zone is in now. Both are MT but MT never has a specific time it changes around. Also (most) eastern and central clocks are using EDT and CDT atm so if this starts up at 5:00 PM EST will there be a second wave for those who show up when their clocks say 5 PM?



Who knows! Maybe, we got a heck of a lot of stuff to drop!

Also, I’m very clearly not a time doctor LOL


Living in a place that doesn’t follow the same rules as everyone else you start to realize it really is a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff :sob:


Bummer Dude. But if you want a :gift: you can stop by anytime. Because your cool.


3pm MST

I am a time doctor. :sunglasses:



Or 21hrs and 31mins from now…


One for the guilds…


Wow this is insane, great for a returning player who lost it all to the ruthless regen gods… 630am in the morning for me, guess I better jump off boundless a little earlier tonight lol.
Quick question, is this one of those drop parties we need a grapple for, or just the loot stick?