[TNT] New Nixia Megathread: 4c Sap and Bark

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Is he house broken? If he is I guess I could pay the 2c.


Ah hah now I remember the place! It kinda got forgotten about. He’s on vacation at the moment but will try get that cleared to help free up the lag as soon as we can

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Thanks. My game use to crash all the time running through there. I’m on ps4 I don’t know if that’s part of it. Or build there. I’ve got a cool place right beside like I said. Clearly you guys are good builders too so feel free to join.

OK, We got the machines that we had plotted cleared out… BUT bad news, that was only 8 plots worth…
So you will probably still need to get ahold of the other player too!

PS We will be removing our plots soon too, there is really nothing much left of the poor old settlement

Okay thank you. Any chance you know the other person? Lol.

Wow, I am coming to visit.

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Im really sorry but i dont… Well i dont think so. If i can find them though ill ask them! Or offer to buy it or something…

With the news about New Leyden market closing, What will become of that portal?

It will likely close, and be made available for someone else.

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Yeah I was there yesterday there were roads missing, portals closing, and shops being removed

Yes it’s unfortunate to loose such a brilliant place hopefully new Leyden mini mart will be up and running soon.

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Speaking on a friends behalf, how would you get a plot to build a store in New Nixia? He lost one of his bigger stores when New Leyden went down.

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Are you still on?

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We’re running an “EXCESS TITANIUM” special for 4c per bar, 3c hand trade!
If its not all gone by the time I’m back from Thailand its going to 2c…

Shop on by!


Im not home at the moment.

save some for me i have to get home first! :joy:
Which may take a few hours :neutral_face:

Wha wha what? New Leyden went down? When did this happen?


Titanium has been liquidated! (I still have some for you IM2COOL)

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Crazy. I wonder what happened?