[TNT] New Nixia Megathread: Ancient Tree & Gleam Farm on Houchus I

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Now buying all farm items… baskets recoined daily!

Hahaha. Definitely. First friend I see near there is getting grappled in for sure. @bucfanpaka are you around.:flushed: That’s really cool looking though. Great idea. I hope your hiding beacons under the lava for some smoke effects on the mountain. And a giant mushroom cloud would add to the effect. I’ll be checking this out later for sure. :+1::beers:


Superstore has been recoined and restocked

Exotic Earthyam seeds available 10k each (only 30 in stock)
Water restocked due to popular demand, 1 stand at the front of the store, 1 towards the back and one in the megahub!

Also metal tiller has been restocked 50c each

EDIT: if Circ opens up again anytime soon this will be great!



Sorry as @uni3k has handed the reigns of the superstore over to me, I was experimenting to see what was selling and buying and didn’t top up the baskets enough!

This has now been fixed so please come and sell us stuff!

Some of the best buying rates in game, take our money!



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Ten characters



Baskets re-coined every 48 hours

Min basket buy qty is 100 items, max is 14400 items!

If you need to make some coin, stop by!

We are buying at the some of the best rates in the universe on certain items, such as hard coal, sap, orbs, creature trophies and many more.

We pump 250k into our oort baskets regularly (in the megahub bottom level)

We also have every raw mat, every food and brew and some crafted items between our various stores around the Megahub and also in our new residential district.

Also if you are in need of a quantity custom order of any item feel free to pop a request in our discord channel.



The TNT Superstore just became a lot more super!

The superstore has always had a dual purpose for the guild, in that it is a way for us to buy mats we need and it is also a convenient storage facility for us to grab things we need, with the shop stands being accessible from the workshop below.

To further improve on this purpose and also to help the economy a little more we have expanded the range of items we sell, but we have also added buy baskets for pretty much everything!!!

Pricing isn’t an easy task, and therefore we relied on looking at average figures from BT aswell as visiting active shops and looking at forum posts. We feel that we have reached a happy medium but will continue to adjust prices as we go.

Our buy baskets for RAW mats are matched or better then the places we visited and the buy orders we looked at.

Our buy baskets for CRAFTED mats are based on the raw mat buy prices, this gives the community a chance to sell something other than raw mats and get xp for doing so, all without losing out on coin.

Our sales prices on raw mats in some cases are higher than usual, this is not for profiteering or driving up market prices this is purely to make the shop sustainable without having to pump too much extra money into the baskets.

Hopefully the tax epic machine will be worthwhile and this will allow us to bring buy basket rates up and sales rates down.

This concept also lends another purpose in that if you really don’t want to run a shop or your shop doesn’t get much visitation even though your prices are great you can sell to us instead and we have many regular customers.

New Nixia is designed around simplicity, a single shop for brews, for food, farming, building blocks and then the superstore. All of it is guild operated, and is a convenient stop over on your way to other planets in our Megahub.

We also buy 700k worth of oort a week to keep our operation going at 180c per oort, this basket is in the middle of the Megahub and is topped up daily.

We hope this project is a benefit to the community and we are always open to input.

If there is a particular item you want to supply to us or want to buy we are always happy to try and help.


what … ?

When setting up the request baskets at the superstore I was putting in the guild buff machines and there was a tax epic machine and also one more which I forget pop into the store and you can see I wrote coming soon on the sign along with the machine name

What do they do? I didn’t think tax buffs were implemented yet

Taxes don’t affect me though at my own shop, I only buy and sell for 2c and less mwa ha ha

Sounds like it’s just one of those items you can select in a request basket but it’s not in game.

Ehmm, the what now?

Edit: should have read the whole thread…
Time to make some coils! :smiley:

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We are buying Oort at 180c per in the megahub nearly 400k up for grabs.

95k is added to the basket everyday!

We have upped are ort basket to 185c
As always its in the mega hub :grin:

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There’s upcoming surprises coming to TNT as well. :wink:

Stay tuned.~

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Ohh what is it…hint, hint…please! :drooling_face:

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Community. Teamwork. Collaboration.


:roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow: Killin me Smalls!