[TNT] New Nixia Megathread: Ancient Tree & Gleam Farm on Houchus I

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Hey! Can some help me change my TNT portal name? It says teotihuacan I would like to change it to Omeyocan please :smile:

Changed :slight_smile:

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Hey guys, how it looks with the portal to Sochaltin I ?

My fault…had to close my megahub portal at Lake on soch I, due to the great 2019 oort shortage.
Did pop a message on nixia’s discord a couple of days back to give them heads up.
had to close a couple of other hub portals too.

OK, its understood, just want to know if i shall be finding some other connection ?

We’ve been trying to reach you (on discord, should’ve dug your forum name up and messaged you here too so I wasn’t really trying too hard tbh :D), there’s a basket buying the token for your portal in front of the scholatin portal in the TNT hub :slight_smile: Do you have a portal connection to make it there or should we find some other place to meet up in?

Need some oort tho? Would be a shame to lose the TNT planet portal, right?

Not that I have all that much but can help out for a few refills…

Same, I can spare some Oort crystals.

Thank you for kind offers but Hopefully the lovely nixia peeps are finding a new home on soch I for their wonderful hub…
I’ve come to the conclusion, with a long term view, that I need to reduce the amount of portals and while it’s primarily about lack of oort it’s also other regarding other factors.

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Actually, last night I had to do the same thing, close portals, my oort supply dwindled fast as no one seems to be willing to sell to me at my old price for it.

It’s getting ridiculous and it’s not good that I worry about portals when I am down for a day with a fever. I found out last night I used up 242 rough a day, I just can’t keep that up if I’m not able to play and keep my stock up as I would want to, so closed a bunch of them, resized others, closed duplicate regennable farm portals, etc.


242 ROUGH per day?! How in the… These costs make me feel blessed with my solely 3 shards a hour.

There isnt an oort shortage. Its a hunter shortage .


Running a market takes up quite a bit of oort! Was almost half of it already, it needs to be reachable after all.

And I have in collaboration with TNT the Nova Golda Farm Hubs on each of their T5+ portals, that’s 12 2x2 portals (will be changed now to 1x2) and a whole lot of 1x2 portals in each of the hubs…

It adds up!

Good thing I closed down my own T5+ network a little while ago that ate up even more!

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I can only imagine. I just tend to use the 100c warp fee myself, but I do know the convenience of portals over a warp token is very tempting for most. :joy:

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Greetings Oortians

Free basic beacon fuel available in the middle of the TNT hub finally got around to clearing out foliage!

Keep those beacons lit!


4c sap and bark now on sale at the TNT superstore
1 full shop stand of each available

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The most amazing act of kindness I have ever seen!
Some person or people have donated over 6300 rough Oort in the megahub since yesterday!
This is enough Oort to power the network for 140days!

So whoever you are, from all of us at TNT the biggest Thank You for your selfless generosity!

I still cannot believe it!


WOW, that’s a lot :astonished: Thank you whoever you are! ^^


@Marcello666 Thank you for the wonderful Oort donation! It is highly appreciated. If there is anything we can do for you please let us know!

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From all of us at TNT we would also like to say a big thank you to all of our planet hosts, you do an incredible job to keep the network running!

We will be paying forward the kind gift we received to all of you so look out for messages in the nixia discord, skynet channel