[TNT] New Nixia Megathread: Ancient Tree & Gleam Farm on Houchus I

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I think this is a massive part of the problem plus someone blocked her expansions in a few directions…

kk I’ll be by some time later if your still on

Hey, nothing to do with expansion. Just a number of things. Mainly people abusing the market, one incident in particular was the tippig point. Lots of empty stalls or people selling pointless stuff and using the place as a footfall trap. We tried to take action and the person who had ignored us both for a week posted on forum, pmed devs and tried to create drama.

After all this aenea has closed the market, and i have decided to move on too, initially planned to make mini market with a few people, but decided against it


sorry to hear about that. We really really are not fans of drama so you have our sympathy. If any of us ever give you trouble, please let us know so we can adjust. (goes for everybody)


Disclaimer: i hold the official role of ‘giant ■■■■’ within the guild, and may be required to cause trouble at any moment. It is not a responsibility i take lightly.


:poop: is Censored? I cant be expected to work under these oppressive conditions!!!


Greetings Oortians!

We are eager to cook some pies so please come and sell us stuff!

Sweetbeans buying 2000 @ 15c per - 32k up for grabs!

Exotic Yams buying 1500 @ 30c per - 49,500 up for grabs!

Plus countless more baskets and great deals if you are looking to buy!

We have also registered our shop on the boundlesstrade website so hopefully it should be easier to see what we are selling.

P.P.P.S we are now Capital of Circarpous I !!!


Place is great

Dont mess with the terd


If you want a steaming pile at your base let me know. :wink::point_right:


Haha… weirdly thats kind of fitting for my new build. Not cause of the :poop:, but kind of unihabitable landscape type thing. I could actually see them working.

That will make sense one its finished and i share.


Was looking thru the shop and thought I should let you know the refined gold and refined titanium is miss priced. They are 555,555c each.


Thanks for the heads up, will fix em soon.

Dismantling DBX, and especially spiney pointy tower, was one of the hardest things ive done in this game… so i built a tiny monument in its honour.

Dyab0lix Tower 2.0


Maybe one day you would build something a thousand times better! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was gonna say it wasnt all sad, building this reminded me why i liked the first one so much, and i like this one even more.

But yes, i get bored very quickly so theres bound to be something new in a few weeks.

Id be willing to help on your next project with you if you’d like :slight_smile:

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Yeah nice, i like building with friends. Always makes it more entertaining. And im a big fan of your work too. Will let you know when the next wave of inspiration hits.


New Leyden will never return, sadly.

Nova Golda will tho! And they will need a portal! :smile:

There will also be a new and improved Nova Golda Portal Network and of course a Nova Golda Market in some form, mini or otherwise.

This will all take some time tho especially since I have no idea how often I will be able to play coming months…