[TNT] New Nixia Megathread: Ancient Tree & Gleam Farm on Houchus I

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Also, for anyone who hasnt noticed yet, the last update changed how request baskets display. It will only show the item if there is coin in the basket.

As you can see, ours are almost all coined, buying pretty much every base material, unless we have 1000s (i didnt set that up for these pics). Theres about 500,000c in the baskets currently thats up for grabs if youre looking to sell a few things. And theyre recoined daily.


There are now Atlas’s for all 4 Exo Planets! Including the new one Raken.


Raken atlases on sale 550c!

Nixia Superstore -circapous 1
TNT Megahub


This needed its own thread. Anyone wondering what the amazing build up on the hill is… have a read.


New Nixia is officially a city.

That is all.


Crav atlases for sale! 600c

Nixia Superstore -circapous 1
TNT Megahub

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I really like the giant heads


TNT is proud to announce in collaboration with our newest member ClosetChipmunk the TNT AUCTIONS

Location: Rear of the Nixia Superstore, New Nixia, Capital of Circarpous I

Accessible Via

Any Portal leading to TNT Megahub, Exit via east Ramp

  • Ultima HQ

  • Portal Seekers - Alder & Seginiakai (Kada 1 closed)

  • Ultima US West Gateway

  • Ultima Besevrona Gateway

  • Ultima Mall

  • Crypt Hub

  • Gyosha Mall Hub

  • Legendville Hub

  • Aqua Embassy Hub

  • Legendville Mall

  • Slingbow Depot

  • Meteor Meet

  • Camelot

  • Waterfront Outlets

  • Elysian Fields

  • Hydronia

  • Alaska Hub

  • Elsie’s Shop

  • Purgatory

  • Code Gleam

  • Tunnel Snakes

  • Scavengers Hoard

  • Shadow Dragons

  • Thrilloilogy

  • Ultima Gate Circarpous

  • Hunt Hive, 2nd Tier, North West Corner, Portal Name TNT Superstore

  • PS Biitula Shopping Hub, East Ramp 1st Tier, Portal Name Nixia Superstore

  • Gyosha Mall nr 27/42 Nixia Outlet, portal in the middle of the shop

The first event will be a Kind-a-Blind Auction and will run from right now until Monday 10am UTC
or a full basket of entries

To enter visit the superstore and place a location token into the appropriate basket with your
guild tag if applicable, toon name, bid value. (example below)


Entry is free!

There will be 2 lots up for grabs, and they will be Advanced Powercoil Sets (24coils)
The opening price for both items will be:-

Refinery - 30,000c
Centraforge - 40,000c

Bids must be placed at 250c increments above the opening prices to be valid entries.
The highest current bid will be updated randomly here and in store until close.
Bids will be checked First in First out the first original highest bid will take the crown.

To make it easier to for us to get in touch with you we have set up 2 separate guild books, feel free to sign them although it is not mandatory. We will still hunt you down if we have too!



Thanks! We’ve got some ancient ruins planned and we’re tying it all together by wrapping the settlement with Boundless styled moai :smile:

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Can I bid :joy:

Sure, cant see why not… But youd actually have to pay up… :yum:

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Just kidding…sorry…that is how many rocks I will put into the coin machine and I’ll let you know how many I get then that will be my bid.

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Ok. I’ve made my bids.

Ok so the bids so far are:

Refinery - 30,000c
Centraforge - 40,000c

For anyone who cant be bothered doing the maths, thats 1250 a peice for refinery, or 1666 for centraforge. (Not for individual sale at those prices)

Renovating/building a new workshop, kit out your machines in one go for less than cost price.

Or just use a few, sell the rest for 1000c a peice more and probably make some coin for your efforts!

While you all are thinking about making a bid on this wonderful set of Coils…You can come over and get an Atlas for Ord Trian!


Back to the auction!

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While your are there placing your bid (good luck to you all), perhaps do a little shopping, have a relaxing time at the spa, maybe see a museum. Or buy an Atlas or two for the new Exo worlds (Yuuzha & Ord Trian).

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