[TNT] New Nixia Megathread: Ancient Tree & Gleam Farm on Houchus I

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Tried to mod one of my methods and make it cheaper… and forgot the wrong ingredient in the deck. I just want this to disappear. …but I should probably try and get something for it argh…

Ok @uni3k, can you please find some way to use this?

Can’t tell if you’re being silly or not, but I think that would go pretty well in a niche gather’s foraging arsenal.

What kind of niche needs an auto-miss grapple? This thing brought a little tear to my eye.

hey we’re looking for uses here! Some foragers just like to look stylish.

They should give these to contestants on one of the obstacle courses!

(actually not a bad idea on copper grapples?)

Ok, here’s the guy we all wanted…

Flawless rift forge. But I’m returning to my other method… its faster and franky about as much cost. So that was kindof a failed experiment…


It wasn’t a failed experiment, that’s why experiments occur. They give us a better picture.

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You want it? Nobody has yet actually expressed interest in it…

Hmmm… I mean, if you’re just trying to get rid of it… I could use it on my miner.

Over 300 coils of all types in stock at Nixia Superstore. Come get em!


The way the red and greens are implimented on those reminds me of old xmas tree lights.

Coils restocked… hundreds more back on the shelves!

Also added some at our gyosha mall outlet for all you lazy sods that cant be bothered walking through the portal.

I spoil you.


Want to thank @Jiivita for this
Great to see everyones work displayed


Just in case you were looking for a gift for the person who has everything…an Atlas from Mande! A bargain no less.


Both Exo Planet Atlas’s for sale at the Superstore.

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Thanks Mox!

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Atlas for the new Exo planet is on sale at TNT Superstore! Hard planet to map.