[TNT] New Nixia Megathread: Buying Oort

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Good to hear! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this time!


We’ve got more discount titanium in the Superstore again!! (4c)


Still wasn’t sure about the name tho, am now thinking of using Nova Golda.

I do hope the devs are going to introduce raising cattle and making cheese since Golda is the very old spelling of… Gouda!

Original Golda cheese coming right up! :joy:


I bought out the stock, there was only 500 left :neutral_face:


Nix has liquid titanium for blood, there will be plenty more soon im sure.


I hope so too. I love cheese!


Tower is amazing
So much chiseling



Its that time again, this time up for grabs is 10,000 tallow… plus a bonus mystery prize, which whoever wins can tell you about when they get it.

Bidding starts at 1c for the lot (not each).

Bidding ends at 11pm UTC.

Good luck!


I’ll open bidding at 100 c



(10 lettres)


Hmmm suppose I’ll get in on this. 650c


1000c … he will be rich if it continues


Haha. Good to see the bids coming in. The mystery prize alone is worth more than the current bids. But thats that one and only hint im giving.


Hmm wonder how high it’ll go.


Ok i sell my stepmother for this … 2000c


8hrs and 38 mins remaining.

Its 1am here so im gonna get some sleep so i can be up for when it ends. Good luck all!


Why is your stepmother so cheap!? Only 2000c?!


no … in reality she is worth 10,000 tallows and a surprise loll


Well played sir. Well played.


Lol. I almost want to call it there, that comment is a winning bid on its own.

1hr 9 mins to go!