[TNT] New Nixia Megathread: Buying Oort

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Just in case you were looking for these…Linus 1 & Mallass Atlas’s on sale for 200c!


Thanks XxymoxX!!


Who needs Atlas’s!


Here for your shopping enjoyment!


Nice, be by in awhile for a Wynthel one, great price, thanks, will help on the blink hunt!


Nixian Skyfarm


New Exo Atlas’s for sale!


Ok so I decided before are big drop party
I would put out some stuff
There are 2 smart stacks of rock salt for 0c


Have fun
And make sure your there for our big drop party


I have just been informed that we already had a special going for 0.2c :man_facepalming:
So i have changed it to 0c and upped the amount
Couple of stacks now



Superstore -
water and lava for sale 2c each
Metal tillers 199c each
AOE gem shovel liquid breaker 10k each

Also shop stand in planetary hub with 14,400 water just restocked


Been meaning to drop by here and compliment you all on the look of the waterfall going into the drowning pool and the foliage there. :smiley: It was one of the first things I saw after the update, as I ran over straight away to get a tiller. Soooo pretty! I immediately Tweeted a screenshot. :wink:



Have you seen nixs lava creation on the superstore mountain?
He turned Into a volcano made for a very eventful morning of running away from lava… especially when someone got the trigger bug with a hammer in their hand! Lol


Haha, I’ll have to go check that out!! :smiley:



That is incredible! :slight_smile:

I’m sure the Reapers will be throwing sacrifice victims into it in no time. :wink:


Haha… oh i hope so!


What happened was nix playing with lava


Is that Pompeii at the base of that mountain?? Oh the humanity!!!