TNT Planetary Network: Nova Golda Farm Hub collaboration


The Nixian Trust [TNT] proudly presents…


The quickest and easiest way to travel anywhere in the universe.

  • Every T1 to T4 planet in one simple location
  • Planets categorised by tier to easily find what you need
  • The prettiest T5/T6 network in the game
  • The biggest T1 to T3 farm network in the game
  • Amazing Nova Golda T5/T6 Farm Hubs and Exo warps
  • All surrounded by over 100 player portals.

Look for our patented Monoliths in active major cities on every planet, or TNT MEGAHUB portals in any of the countless shops already connected all over the universe.

Grab a free token today and unlock your front row seat to the best connected single hub in the game.

TNT MEGAHUB - One jump to freedom


You all are awesome. :slight_smile: I can vouch for this to everyone - just a super hub here, so useful having a portal! The T6 network is really great, have some good spots and all enclosed. And it is fun to bounce off the trampolines in the hub. :wink:


Yep, i fill the TNT owned portals nearly every day and its totally worth it. We also have some space set aside for personal builds if you want to live somewhere close to the hub and not fuel a portal to it.


Also we are looking for a group to lead some hunts through the hub. We would be happy to discuss a partnership for that.


Just in case you didnt realise, your Finata portal is closed.


Yeah we did, will be back very soon. But thank you for the heads up.


The TNT MegaHub is really great. It’s awesome to have a place which leads to the most useful places of the universe. Those tall portal hubs looking like monuments in cities are super cool.
That must cost a ridiculously high amount of oortshards to maintain! I can’t even fathom how much per day! o_o

My only concern with it is that it’s on Circapous, forcing players to have 1 skill point in atmospheric resistance, which is sometimes quite bothersome, when you’re on an alt or a character with a spec not made for T4+ travel.

Other than that, great work!


Thanks! we built on circ cause its actually the most economical for portals to everywhere. Every planet except poor old Lasania connects in 8 conduits or less. But yeah the 1 point in protection is the sacrifice. But totally worth it. Haha


sounds like you might benefit from some caustic chili… if you’re interested :wink:

Very useful hub, and darn pretty with those vertical portals


Aaaaah, I see! :sweat_smile:
I was wondering why the decision to set up on Circ. Makes sense now!


Connecting across regional servers is super expensive, except for circ (delta and till too, but not quite as good for reaching everywhere). Literally 2/3’s of the cost to connect from US west to circ to EU rather than going direct… or for everyone else 1 third of the cost as you only need the connect to circ and you can get anywhere.

Thats where the tacky “one jump to freedom” slogan came from. Haha.


I guess if I wanted to connect my own build to the megahub, I would also need a huge 8x1 portal, right?

What I’m just getting now is that I could open a portal from Raxxa to any world in the US East regional server with a 1x2 portal.
As in, I could connect to Biitula, Gyosha Ophin, 'Murika, etc?

At one point, I needed to open a portal between Arie and Raxxa to move things, and it apparently needed a 24 portal conduit blocks.
Portal making has always been kinda too expensive/high-maintenance for me, so I never tried going further than 1x2 portals.


It is work, thats one of the structural reasons for what we did. We figured it would be easier to do one portal to one place rather than 3-6 portals to various places. (for most people)
But honestly if you can 1x2 portal into a local hub on your home world you can usually travel anywhere’ish.

I’d like to open more portals from TNT to other hubs as they often have great shops.


Yeah from Raxxa its 8, which is the equivilant to running four 2x1 portals (4 shard per hour vs 1 per hour)


This is something arbitrary that I wish the devs would change, though.
It would be nice to have less rules preventing people connecting to each-others.


But then our hub wouldnt be special! Haha


I put up two signs on mine… one saying that one point in the protection was needed, the other that they could always just run like heck to the other portals I suppose. :wink:


Haha… youre bound to run into another portal pretty quickly i spose. Bit of random luck as to where you might end up


The TNT hub has been my longest opened portal to date! Since a few days after i first saw it my Sunlight portal has been open without a single moment of no fuel.

Also its my most used portal period. Im close to all sorts of great places and shops! Just a 2sec stroll to any shop i use :hugs:

Not to mention its a great lookin place just sayin :+1:t2: Yall keep up the great work and ill keep buyin them goods and fueling that portal!


It’s lovely to see how much people enjoy our hardwork!
Another update coming soon to the T5+ network watch this space.