To all the healers, lend me an ear!

Howdy friends! So a week ago I built a “heal spec”. After a few hunts (T4 and T6), I ran into several issues and posted 2 separate threads. Neither has had a peep, so I figured I’d reword this…

I have one question about what seems to be a broken mechanic, and a suggestion on something thats “working as intended” but needs a boost. So bear with me :slight_smile:

The question: Do any of you see Energy refilling when using bombs with “healing/replenishing/cleansing”? The healing and cleansing seem to work fine, but even though the screen shows me hitting for “x” energy to myself and others, no one gets any energy…what gives?!?

The suggestion is this: Power Revive Epic upgrades a revive augment from Revive 1 (50% health and energy on revival) to Revive 2 (100% health and energy). Why does this not work for Revive Brews if we have the epic? If we’re not gunna let that work, at least give us “Mega Revive Brews” that have revive 2…

Ok, rant over, really appreciate any insight and fellow stories on the subject, thnx fam!

Everytime I use them I get energy back. I usually always have a stack on me. Whether it’s iron, copper, titanium, or gem I always get my full energy bar available on contact.


Is this the same as your in-game name? I’d love to meet up and to a little playtesting…

Yeah it is one of them. My main character I play on is LiltCap though.
Yeah anytime, just hit me up and I’ll see about hoping on if I’m not already.


Awesome, I’ll hyu in the near future, ty!

I think the part that’s being missed here is that those bombs will only replenish available energy. If the target only has half a bar due to not eating for a while then a half bar is all you’ll get when you hit them with a bomb.

Hence what I said “full energy bar available”

I absolutely detest this mechanic. Why punish players with lower max energy because we aren’t micromanaging an invisible bar? That’s unfair.