To clarify: I am not against the in game purchase


The biggest thing your missing is…

You can only be leveling up 1 character at any given time…
If I play for free and I level my character for 12 hours on day 1 and 12 hours on day two and 12 hours on day 3 and 12 hours on day 4… in those four days I have earned 48 hours worth of XP

Now unless your Pay to Win person is putting in the same 12 hours a day he will be behind me no matter how much money he throws at the screen… he can only level 1 Character no matter how much money he has… If he doesnt put in the same effort that I do… I will always be ahead of him no matter how rich he is!!!


Don’t discuss P2W here, please.


Oh , i don’t think i will lose to you if you are talking about 1 vs 1.
You can only focus 1- 2 area due to the new skill set.
But with the money spend i can do w.e i need to help me lvl up faster than you.
And yeah i can spend the time too, why not ?
Doesn’t mean i spend the money i play less.
Don’t you know how fast i can lvl up by crafting rock to stones or doing the bomb mining method.

This is my last post here.

This guy is really hard to accept other people’s opinion.

I can’t even post my suggestion lol


Your right I don’t agree with your opinion does this mean I don’t except it…
I ask you to bring up reasons you felt they system was pay to win…
Your Points…
I then brought up points why I feel its not
My Counter Points…

This is the way a debate works I have nothing against you here…


@wade44423 @Sulfurblade We have separate topics for this discussion, please take the conversation there to keep this thread on topic.


If you go start a new character to experiment with the new world as I have done several times, you learn it isn’t hard at all. Yesterday I logged in and a spitter was maybe 2 meters away from me when I came on. It just ignored me as you have to attack them first. I crafted a slingbow since at level 8 I hadn’t done that before and then I shot and killed it. No idea why, but, even with me shooting it about six times it just stood there until it died.


Have you ever looked at the “cash shop” called The Exchange? There is no way I have ever noticed to pay cash. You exchange cubits you get by playing for whatever you want and I have not seen any way at all to exchange cash for anything. All it does is allow you to get something you would rather have as a reward instead of always having lots of plots that many of us would never use. If you would rather have plots then get them with your free cubits you got playing. If you would rather have a skill reset then get it.


The 1.0 version of the exchange will allow players to purchase cubits with real money.