Tools Concept - Hammer

Hi guys,
here some update for the first tool we are going to model for the game. Is an hybrid between and hammer and an axe, the tool you will be using to remove blocks.
The central part of the tool is going to be a resource item (named Oort cube at the moment) that you going to find in the world. Let us know which is your favourite. :slight_smile:

See you guys and stay tuned!


Piraxe for me looks the best (4)

As a tool I would go for 3, as a weapon 10 is the king.


I like the 7th one.

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3 as a tool.

4, 5, 10 & 13 are all good skins. Would want to have all of those ;D … Good work devs. They look beautiful :sunny:


I personally have to give number 11 my love.

You could cut up the image and make a poll with each image as an option

and I like the Gleamaxes, 3 and 11

OK so Images in the poll doesn’t work (they turn into hyperlinks) :disappointed:

Number 6 - Gleamaxe

7, 10, and 12 are my favorites :>

3 as a tool, 10 or 11 as a weapon.

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Ignoring the pretty colors, I would say tool: 3, weapon: 10. The gleam hammer looks good to me as a weapon, but I would think it would be too brittle as a tool. The “luminax” color scheme of 7 is my personal favorite. It looks to me from what I can see that the tools will be made in a modular style, with (A) being the “oort cube”, (B)-(B2) being the tool head and © being the handle? That’s really cool, looks alot like that modular tool discussion we had a while back.

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14 (15) looks best to me…i like its practical and simple appeal. the idea of an item consisting of several components is good also.

Personally I like the Design of Nr. 10 the most. Maybe also colored if you use one of the last 3 Oort Cubes. and I like the Idea of B and B2. If you could make that customizabel that would be cool. How you can do that, I don’t know ^^

But maybe bring Nr. 10 in a shorter Version like 1-9,11 and 15. The large Version looks more like an Weapon.

Do what you want cus a piraxe is free, you are a piraxe.

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11 because i love cleavers, 3,4,5 for tools for sure and 7 for both uses :smile: amazing concepts all around though

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11 kinda looks like a face :open_mouth:

10 like Tennant

Awesome art as always. i would go with 10 too.

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Seven (7) !!!