I’m on the ps4 update was installed but no regular totem in any machine list to make new totem. I have no filters applied. Did the stone totem get moved.


Standard basic totem is hand crafted


And you don’t need any mats to craft it either.


the new gleambow totem requires elemental fusion and a regular totem and it’s crafted in the workbench


I don’t have the capability to make these. My machines aren’t high enough. Anyone selling them?


I will be as soon as I can go craft them :wink:


for sale in noob nirvana (new leyden) or One Love portal top of meteor meet


there some on sale at buugis place at the embassy hub second plaza


How much are they selling for?

Crafted a bunch this morning and I’m not sure if I should bother to put any out for sale or not. If a lot of people are unable to make them, I will

Looks like 8.64 shards and 1000 spark to mass craft an elemental fusion then 6.912 shards and about 112 spark of that make it into each totem. No spark and negligible wear crafting the actual gleambow totem.


seen them from 200 to 2000


Wow not sure if that makes me want to sell them or hoard the ones I have.


mine where 1200
think ultima sell same price



My build can be reached by following the “lantern gardens” sign at the raxxa ultima hub, the “nightstar” sign at the raxxa portal seekers hub, or the “Infinity City” sign at the raxxa hubbit hub.

1000c for now if people want them I’ll be selling at least 100 at that price. I’ll load them a stack or two at a time if it’s selling out

EDIT: Yikes did actually just see 2k at ultima’s main hub.


One Love has a few for 500C get it while it lasts


Not sure of the shop name, but saw some in a shop at the Gyosha Mall for 500c. I think that is a fair price. I don’t know a lot about what goes into making them but it is just my opinion that anything over 1k coins is too much.
Reminds me of the spooky seeds, as soon as someone said they were selling their for 100coins others put them out from 2k to 20k. Yep, saw some that price, remember it because it was so greedy high.


I read about this here sometimes and honestly, it’s a little arbitrary.

In this case though you are 100% correct lol. I listed the ingredients above they’re not difficult to make. By the end of the event there may be a shortage of shards just because there has never been this much use for them in game, so it depends on player stockpiles.

Sometimes people do crazy things for events though :wink:


I’m not sure why the devs decided to make the event have to have an item lots of newer players cant craft and have to buy or find someone to craft for them


And the greedy charge high prices. have seen them for 5k and that is just, in my opinion, robbery. Lower level players can’t get them as they either don’t have enough points yet to get all the protection or can’t handle the critters. In a hunt there are enough players to help protect them from the critters and they can grapple into a tree and generally not get hurt, or stay on the edges and run from any critter after them.

Tired, in pain and don’t feel like being polite, I think I need to not post, just read tonight.


I’ve been doing my hunts on t3s. But as for enemies from the meteor most I’ve seen was 2 and they only have one move. So it’s not bad if you have a grapple so the fall doesn’t kill you. Kill the cuttletrunk after beating the meteor. But yea some of the prices on the totems are crazy. But there’s a lot of places selling them at 500 and under. Store #85 in the gyosha mall has them around 400 if I remember correctly.


I am lucky that I have a guild that made them for the members. But others who don’t belong to a guild, or have one that isn’t capable can be ripped off and that is what can upset me.
Greed This is a game, not real money, why do some players want to rip off others? Are they that desperate – from remarks of some they don’t need the coin, just want it, at the damage to others.