Trade blue for purple coils

Any1 wanna trade 56 blue coils for 56 purple coils

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I’m colorblind …

They look the same to me! :relieved:


Could just make em and sell the purple hehe

I want the purple dough

This one?


Or purple cookie dough?

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So you want 56 centraforge coils in exchange 56 extractor coils? Do they have to be the normal ones or advanced?

I have 56 advanced extractor coils want 56 adv centraforge coils noticed adv coils glow brighter than normal ones I using them on my build like beacons on a tower don’t like using gleam on everything lol

Well I have 39 advanced centraforge coils I can give you in exchange for 39 advanced extractor coils seeing as I need some advanced extractor coils to finish of the extraction section of my machine room :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can make the rest if u need em