Trading copper bars


I have three smart stacks of copper bars that I would like to trade, prefer to trad for gems, either raw or otherwise. But will trade for gold also.
If you are interested, let me know, If you need sackcloth, I have some to spare or can make it into cotton if you want that, around 200 or a bit more. Or, can make more if needed.


Which gem would you prefer and how many do you want for the copper?


ummmm, LOL I will have to find out the cost of the gems, match what it would cost me to buy them.
One thing I Don’t Want to do is rip someone off, it must, has to be a fair trade. What gems are best to use in making tools? Mainly for shovels? What I need are some shovels that I can use to dig up mushrooms, boulders and yams and won’t break in 10 minutes usage. I can give the gems (I have the gold and titanium) to my guild and they will make the tools for me. They offer to give me the gems, but I feel their making them is enough work.

I guess I should have done some research first.


I will trade you 22 refined sapphires, that is enough for a mass craft of 10 balanced sapphire shovels. Or I can trade the 10 shovels to you. Or I can give you a mixture of sapphire and topaz tools. Pick 10: hammer, shovel, axe, sling bow, grapple, spanner.
I have some sapphire spots so they are easy for me to mine.


I’ll go with the refined sapphires, my son wants to try to do some forging, so that way I can let the guild make me some and he can make maybe some torches or something with a few of them.
If you need copper often, I seem to get a lot of it when mining, I mine a lot on level 2 planets, and a couple level 3 and end up with lots of copper.
My son and I are going to find a way to Norkyna, he wants to mine there. Should be a fun time LOL.
So, some time later this afternoon we can get together. Not sure how long we will be gone mining (and doing some dying, :slight_smile: )


Okay, just shoot me a PM when you want the gems. Good luck on Norkyna, watch out for the lava.