Trading my ultima shop


i’m trading my ultima shop due to the extreme lag I get on Finata almost every night.
when I was selling items in it I would generate 1k+ footfall a day so it pays for its self

trading cost
shop= 1 roadrunner feather

also trading this shop in cephonix merkia
cost = 500 coins


Dont have roadrunner feather but can do 6k cash money. Depending where your shop is


ok that can buy me a feather I can meet you at ultima mall


Might be interested, what location is that in? Close to the main area? (Unless Buugi wants it he can have it)
Buugi, I am selling a feather for 6k :wink:


Om interested only if this is central ultima.


Rumply get off my lawn!


its located next to ultimas new portal hub to the outskirts of their town
I can still show you then u tell me if your interested


Ok rumply can have it.!


Interesting, I wish I had time for another location lol. I’m still trying to build up a stock for my newish Gyosha mall location. I do have a couple feathers tucked away, been meaning to save up for some transmute boons or whatever. Good luck selling your shop :smiley:


Hmm if you still haven’t sold it in 2hrs I’ll gladly buy it for RR feathers. Believe I have 2 just sitting on my shelf collecting dust.


Thankyou good luck


Sounds good will let you know


Lag in ultima? Never.


Need a new spot join one in embassy hub :grin: