Trading post. An idea that I'm not sure is awesome or stupid

So, last night I had a random idea that may have some use in principal, but definitely needs more thought. Someone like @Ovis may find a great way to do something, or it may just be easier to use portals.

I have always hated bulk trading stone etc because its just a hassle to sell, and for buyers a hassle to collect, if your on the other side of the universe.

My idea. Use the beacon reclaim system.

If you had a spot that one person set up with a beacon or a build and left a plot in the middle or at a convenient place the other person could load up a beacon- again planning a 1 plot spot next to storage, with literally thousands of stacks, reclaim it. Then go to the buyer, pop down a beacon and reclaim all the old stuff to that point, dropping it etc to the other player. No need to waste oort opening a portal or running back and forth a thousand times.

This may be a stupid idea, or not worth it, but I MIGHT just make some large trades much easier for someone


Would defintely make large trades easier, pop everything into a ‘storage plot’, have the person wanting the items come and plot it, wait the 2 hours or whatever it is, then reclaim it. Then pop down a new beacon in their own ‘storage plot’ and boom, loads of trading done. Pretty sure thats how I understood it :slight_smile:

However, would only be easier if its a LOT of items, as someone could just go to someones base with an inventory full of things, and pop it in an Advanced Locked Chest

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If a beacon is deleted without reclaiming, does the stuff inside turn to ash?

no. deleting is the same as before


Most excellent

Nova Golda Post office???

That’s a cool idea. Sounds almost like a plot for shipping from big stores or something. If I understood it right, someone comes in with a big order, drops down a plot that a store has available close-by, the store fills the order in the plot, then the customer has the order ‘delivered’ to them via reclaim?

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Yea, I think theres plenty of ways to work with it.

The thing that made me think of the idea was the fact I sell a lot of rock and people buy a lot. The sticking point for the huge " I need 300k rock" posts is always the seller wants the buyer to collect and vice versa.

This way, its very very easy for either to collect or deliver.

The seller could put it all In a beacon, reclaim then pop to the buyers home, put a convenient beacon down and then empty the reclaim storage on to the floor next to the buyer etc. Alternatively the buyer goes to thr shop claims an empty plot left open for the trade and takes it all and uses reclaim on their beacon once they have bought all the stuff they need.

Could easily add a bulk order plot to my shops to allow people to temporarily take a plot and buy out all my rock or trunks etc

Many options on how to work it, but for those awkward trades of more than an inventory or two it’s a viable option I think


there’s no stupid idea, just stupid people that are not awesome lool
i love to see this being a thing.

I may have to start setting up plots like this with the rocks from mining. I know people use them for xp and I just let them sit there. Storage chests are pretty cheap to make, it would be worth filling a few of them up and posting rock for sale a 100k+ at a time.


now imagine if we could sell plots O-o


Beacon trading would be pretty cool, and they have talked about it in the past. Some are afraid of land speculation, but it would be cool to trade storage sections with rock and stuff.


it will come , mark my words --> beacon sales will come

Sure then there is no more griefing when a player plots in the middle of your city or mall or build. It is real estate speculation. If you want the plots, then you pay them for the plots. . That won’t cause any issues at all.

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lovely sarcasm lovely love it.

if you leave a gap open in your city this means you will need a 5x5 plot buffer area to have 1 plot gap inside of it
this means u made the mistake of not filling in that 1 gap of your city and you have made yourself vulnerable in the first place…

yes then u can expect to pay the price for the mistake u have made

Fine let’s pick on the one instance to try and invalidate the entire premise. What has already happened and will happen more since if it is in the game then the developers have said it is ok, is players will plot near and adjacent to cities and other players builds. And will ask for payment in order to move. If there are gaps and you know as well as I do that some cities have city blocks that are larger than 4 plots so it is possible to plot there even if they have the reservation system. These will also be targets of land speculation.

All this does is allow a player with thousands of plots (that they may have paid for with RL coin) to go out and lay down plots all over the universe with the intent of selling them. Lets throw up more obstacles for players trying to build. All that this does is drive players away from the game or away from the live universe once private planets are introduced.

but if we start to worry about every possible way of glitching ,botting,abuse,real cash sales
can we not just close the game already? this same idea right now and the recent update we have gotten with plot reclaims could also be sold for real cash, one person just reclaims, places it somewhere, give the person that paid for it permissions ,ooh wait have i said something vulnerable now maybe we should remove the update (sarcasm intended) i think we as players should worry less about it since the developers are on top of it. :slight_smile: but i do get your drift tho mate

Since you can already give a player anything you want to give them. And if I give a player full permissions to my beacon, they can already access all my stuff, in storage and otherwise. Given this, I am not sure I understand where the reclaim has made a big difference in this. Maybe it is easier to access items since the permissioned player has to keep going to the other players beacon to get the items, but hardly a substantial change to the game.

I do think the developers are on top of it, I just remember James comments in the past about all the time he was having to spend refereeing plot disputes. This is one reason the buffer zones were added.

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Thats why I have been a strong proponent for GMs basically they solve a lot of issues with zero exlploits,cost effective because they cost way less then a coders time, and real time problem solutions. Tons of games have them this one really needs them. James should be the last resort for in game remedies not the first. Some ppl like that power thing though so idk why its not implemented.

Id do that. What do I have to sign…

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