Trading post: Sap for Bones

I’m interested in trading sap directly for bones, and offering a 1 sap for 2 bones ratio.

I’ve also updated all my baskets at gyosha mall, now buying 57,600 bones for 2c each.

I could trade 1800 bones.

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Bringing them bones…

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Thanks for the quick trade!

If you have some to trade I can meet you, or I’m hanging out at my base.

The baskets are always ready, in the Classy Cuttletrunk near the gyosha mall hub

Thanks : ) I’m after the baskets, lol.

oh NICE!

Got about 20k bones in the baskets, thanks Coolpants and anyone else who already came :grinning:

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Still need bones?


I have 36k at the moment and haven’t checked the shop baskets yet today.

But I’ll still trade, and the baskets had enough coin to buy 57k when i went to bed.

The need for bones never ends …



i got bones. i keep them as a good luck charm for the hunts

Unbelievable how many bones you get while people seem to miss my basket for them lately! :joy:

Altho now I’m wondering if I did indeed change the price to 2c as well, grmpf, and can’t check now, lol

Stocking my shop for this update:

Glue 28800 bones
BA 41472 bones
EBA 26208 bones
SEBA 29952 bones

total 126432 bones!

I got about 30 - 32k as a direct result of this post, so far. I hunted nearly (maybe more than) that myself trying to get my oort cabinet stocked the last few weeks. The rest all come from going around every few days and hitting any big stockpiles I see in shop stands!

i got round 100 to 200 bones

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If you want to trade some of them and make a little glue let me know.

For that kind of quantity I can show you where to get 100 - 200 sap in less than 5 minutes with an unforged axe.

Bones make Glue, and Fresh Vital Essence. But you would be crazy to make them into essence because glue is in super high demand. It’s used in one form or another as an ingredient for all the new storage and nearly all of the new blocks, as well as the old ones it was already in.

I have bones for sale at 1c in my shop at the gyosha mall. Dunno if they have sold yet or not I put them there two or threes days ago. store #86

Errr sorry. Thought I had them at 1c. My bad. Tho if you didn’t buy them, when I get on I’ll grab them off the stand and hand trade them to you at 1c

If you had put them at 1c at the weekend they’d be gone by now.

Your bones are currently the cheapest in Gyosha Mall but I’d be super happy to buy them for 1c :grinning:

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Last time I checked I had 14.4k bones for 2c each for sale at my place (VB Rocket shop off PS Boori hub), if you are still in need.

Boori now.

I cleaned out every stand with more than 1800 bones in it for 2c or less after I made this post a couple days ago.

@AeneaGames has been actively hunting them today, as well as plenty of people who aren’t posting anything since something like half the new blocks use bonding agents and ofc, all the new storage needs glue.

Still, I appreciate any tips and my baskets at the mall are coined to to buy another 57,600 bones at 2c each.

As for sap trades I still have about 14k sap but my main shop and half of what I had at the mall has sold out too, even at higher prices than usual. I’ll probably be farming sap again in the next 24 hours since to use over 120k bones I had to farm just as much sap!