Trading: Refined Ruby for Refined Emerald

Absolutely, much much more efficient. Plus I get tons of exp through rock mining and refining.

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Also, what level specifically do you strip mine on?

10 blocks up from the absolute bottom. I have a prime spot which I’m about to open a public portal to, for everyone to enjoy.


diamond I mostly find at 25 ish - you’ll need to strip mine for bigger numbers; rubies - well, strip mining not so easy cause of topography but they spawn on cave walls like crazy so you dont even need to dig in rock that much;

as for usefulness of hammers - well, I dont use diamond hammers cause I dont do strip mining; so properties of hammers are there for different styles and whats good for one is not good for another


are diamonds only from andoween


A post that will help you out. :slight_smile:

Your absolutely right. And I love boundless even more because of it. Everybody has a hammer that works best for their style.


Yes, when I was looking for rubies I found it very awkward to strip mine because of the way caves occur in Vulpto.

What approach do you take to strip mining? I will usually make a continuous tunnel with branches every 2 blocks, but also mining upwards on the intersection of each of those branches. I guess with a 3 block horizontal break, you can do things quite differently?

What I do looks a bit like this:

That’s very nice of you to do, do drop us some info when it’s all set up :grin:

Also, this might be relevant about mining for rubies: Post Your Screenshots! (@Spoygg’s ruby highway)

Yeah, vulpto caving at lava level is pretty patchy so it’s a bit hard to do proper strip mining. From my highway it might be easier because you have a starting point. I have freed up 37 plots at the beginning :slight_smile: so all the plots around them are exposed.


You nailed it right on the head. That’s exatly how I used to strip mine. It’s by far the most efficient. But for some reason when I’m mining with a diamond hammer and blocks are breaking everywhere super fast I don’t keep to any pattern. I just kind of go crazy and let me tell you…it’s a blast :grin:


How do you mine on layer 10 without constantly running into lava lakes?

I found a massive area that is pure rock in every direction. Once in a while I run into lava but only if I keep mining in the same direction for a long time.

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Also keep in mind that haul of 313 was my biggest load by far. Normally a good run Consists of around 60-130 per hour.

Okay, well I suppose I’ll have to find a place like that. :slight_smile: Although I find it easier overall to mine just above lava level. Is there any particular reason you chose 10? The prime area for Diamond mining is between 5-30, so I would think 15-18 would be fine. o.o

It just so happens to be where I set up shop after first discovering that place. But when I mine, for some reason, I just find plenty at that level. Who knows, maybe there’s even more at slightly higher elevation.

I’ll try around 15 or so and see how it goes. Thanks again for the tips. :slight_smile:

I think I give the coordinates out in one of my boundless YouTube episodes. It’s not the exact location but close.

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It’s episode 3. In one hour using the old original diamond hammer I managed to get 60.

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Finding sixers. <3 Always a good time.


“Edgy” :stuck_out_tongue: