Trap door over beacons

Is it possible to allow trap doors to open as a single unit if it is spread over 2 separate beacons (maybe only when this the same account)

The textures blend and the eight block limit are there when the door spreads over two beacons, so seems odd that the door won’t open as single item.

Obviously quite a minor thing, but worth looking at I think.

Any particular reasoning why the trap door in question is spanning multiple beacons?

It’s a sluice gate for my rice farm, which spans over 2 alts beacons.

I know I can just replot so it’s all on the same.

It’s an 8 block trap door, and if the part that split between 2 beacons didn’t react to each other at all I probably would not have mentioned it, but as the doors merge graphically and I still encounter the 8 block limit it seems that the doors act the same except for the opening mechanism.

Maybe it’s a simple thing to change, maybe not, but I thought I would throw it out there.

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Probably not that simple to change would be my guess