Trash Can! ! ! We need that desperately in the Inventory !!


Most games I play have a trash can where when you don’t want something you can just put it into the trash can.
We NEED that (emphasis, not shouting) in the game. I’m sick and tired of being loaded down with items I don’t want or need, the stupid leaves from the trees when getting berries, the rocks from mining that take up space and I have to stop and drop them and then get out of the way before they get back into my inventory.
I have lost count of how many time I have lost items I wanted because of the loss of room from the trash that I am carrying. Toss the rocks, the foliage, soil, anything that is extremely easy to get and you run across a meteorite and your inventory is full, you toss the unwanted stuff but it keeps getting back in before I can put in that desired item from the meteorite. But, no, I have to walk away, drop the items and then go back and lo and behold, the item has disappeared.
Or even worse, I thought I picked it up, I’m treading water and have cuttletrunks and hoppers after me and can’t take the time to check as I am close to dying. So, get home and find I still have that stupid, useless bunch of foliage from where I was getting the green berries.
I Do Not want to have the well, just toss it; that Is the problem. I don’t want rocks floating around my feet waiting to sneak back into the inventory and take up that desperately needed slot.
I should be able to click the item in the inventory and put it in the trash can icon In the Inventory. Running out of room? click on the smart stack of rock, pull to the trash can icon and drop in. Gone, no losing of very nice loot from that road runner or meteorite.


I’d love to see a physical trash can we can ditch items in them close menus ut deletes them, and allow them for public use I’d put them around my base lol


I have a cliff next to my base. I’ve been tossing stuff over the side. lol


I’ve got a nice bridge out back that I use. a trash feature in the inventory UI would be preferred though. When I’m out and about I feel bad throwing stuff on the ground because it’ll probably end up in someone else’s inventory. I never really throw away anything valuable, so this is just annoying to others I think.

also if I’m building something I may clear some misc other terrain blocks in the way. This clutters my inventory and the only way to get rid of it is to store it, or walk a distance away and throw it on the ground, otherwise I’ll just end up picking it up again while I’m building.


Can be annoying when I’m out and about and have to stop to drop 1 bone, 2 leaves, 2 tallow, 1 meat, 1 eye, 1 bood, 5 leaves, a piece of wood, who knows maybe even a piece of flint… and sometimes the stuff chases you after you drop it.


I do the same, but I toss them into the river that my base is built on. But yesterday my son and I were on a level l4 planet. We had a mob attack us and another player came up and helped us, a level 2 meteorite had landed close by so we had stopped getting berries from the trees. I had foliage in my inventory and some wood and we had killed a few cuttletrunks while chopping leaves. We have the goodies from the meteorite, the critters and just as we headed back a level three landed close by. We debated it, but was going no when we saw two other players going that way. We joined them and at the end there were so many critters and loot that I had no room, tossing the foliage, wood and other items wasn’t as easy as it sounds as it seemed that one would get back in and take up a slot that I needed. Had to walk away and toss them; because of the delay I lost a couple of items.

Because of no trash can and out in the water swimming and we got a road runner I couldn’t get the stupid tallow to stay out of my inventory and lost the loot from it. We need a trash can in the inventory selection.


A work-around, in the meantime, could be to split the item you want into all of your available spaces so it can then be the only thing you pick up. Otherwise I just find some kind of ledge and throw unwanted items overboard with the X key.


Frustrating, was with some others chasing after snow meteorites and I was trying to toss the blocks of ice to get the loot. Finally had to leave the meteorite to get rid of them, I kept picking up the ice and meteorite blocks. Came back and the loot that had been floating were gone, it had taken me too long as I was surrounded by so much of the ice blocks.

Same in mining, so many blocks of rock floating around me that I can’t even see around me, have to go and dig a deep hole and climb out, drop the rocks and go back to mining. Pick up the ones that were floating around, go and drop them and then can go back to mining.


Every time I go mining, I dump all the stacks of rocks and runaway as fast as poss, only to start mining a great seam, go round in a circle and collect it all again…arghh
Trashcan…yes please :slight_smile:


If only we could craft drones that would come and remove stuff we have marked for disposal. Sure, a magic garbage pail we carry with us that can dematerialize stuff is fine, but needing to craft something to get a benefit is even finer.

Also, automation.


Out on a hunt you pick up other people’s discard. Think you have bag space? Better check!

Something disgusting about other people’s tallow …