Trouble finding a sovereign planet

What’s the logic to how sovereign planets show up in the sky of an appropriate planet? I’ve been searching for several but am having no luck at “finding” them.


I think there is cap on how many you can see in the sky.

The world is “rotating” too, so you might be able to only see some at night and vice versa.

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Thanks. That’s what I’m wondering. The cap and duration of a planets transit.


I’ve got a question in the same direction…

Last 2 exos I’ve tried to visit them with my hubs,
But I was staying on top for about 10 minutes and didn’t see any exo planets…

It ends up both times to visit a exo station to buy a warp token…

Was this bad luck, or did I have to rebuild my hubs on another place?

Or is it maybe the same reason like Ross’s question


As long as you are on the closest planet to the exo you will see them. Sometimes it may take a while but they do show up in the sky.

i don’t think Marcello is that of a nuub, as he has been playing for a long time even before EXO released. i think he is onto something though! i also waited for 30min + not to see any, maybe the sovereign planets cause this issue when EXO planet should have Priority and a few friends of me also experienced this. so it would be nice and appreciated if the devs looked into it . (just in case)


There could be an unfortunate occurance where the path the exo takes matches the speed of the rotating planet you are on and roughly the same direction. In essence that would make it a real long time for it to appear above the horizon.

Idk i never saw marcello until now so idk his exo experince so I took the cautious route.

Edit: i hope its not what you theorize cus thats worse than simply the exo being naughty.

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